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Cop gets million dollar payout for being bashed while on duty


Perth constable Matthew Butcher has been awarded a record $3.3 million ex-gratia payment by the West Australian government to cover injuries sustained during a vicious pub brawl two years ago.

Perth Constable Butcher was left partially paralyzed from severe head injuries after he was struck with a flying head butt  when the cops were called to intervene during the fight ( between brawling family members) outside the pub.outside the Old Bailey Tavern in Perth’s northern suburb of Joondalup in February 2008.

The head butt left Constable Butcher unconscious and he  was put into an induced coma. He spent several months in hospital undergoing a slow and painful rehabilitation.  Constable  Butcher continued  to work with the  WA Police in an administrative role  and also lodged a claim with the WA Police Union for compensation of $5 million for various medical expenses.

Some mixed sentiments  & comments on this story From watoday & news.com.au

Would a construction worker receive such a payment if injured in thier line of work? Not on your nelly, they have laws and contracts to prevent such payments. So why should the Police be any different? Setting the Police up as separate from the rest of society is dangerous and open for abuse. –Harry (Brisbane)

His dad was being tazered, an over reaction for sure, but not entirely unpredictable. When a family member is attacked, no matter what, your bound to react in some crazy way.
3.3 million, easy street now. Bozo

From what I see in the video, the Police very poorly handled the situation. The man who was tasered was not threatening anyone’s life, and it appears the other family member jumped on the cop to try to save his own father. It did not appear that he intended to cause the officer serious harm, just wanted to save his own father from further harm. Which is probably why he was properly found not guilty. If the cops had handled the situation better, Mr. Butcher probably wouldn’t have been injured the way he was….not that I think it’s his fault, and I do believe he deserved some compo. It looked to be nothing more than a pushing and shoving match and from what I can see, there was no need to start tasering anyone, because at that point no one’s life was in danger.-meinsydney

This cop is a parasite.

If you don’t want to break up fights then don’t become a bloody police officer!So he has to catch taxis now and is most concerned about not ageing gracefully?  Pass the bucket please.-battler

I totally support your point of view. The compensation for the miitary is a tiny fraction of this award. It is a State political decision rather than on merit. And I agree the compensation for military personnel sucks.In all cases this award is way over what is reasonable, The guy has a full wage and is at least 80% moblle. Compare that to the diggers who have lost their legs and arms to IEDs – let alone the brain injuries. They get almost nothing.

This award is an insult to military personnel, Reserve and Full-time. –Jerry

I remember seeing the video of this, it was a despicable thing to do to this officer, the culprit should be ashamed of himself & I cannot understand why he got off? God luck to this officer & his wife, blessings for you both and a happy healthy child! – Waylander (posted on news.com.au)

Cop gets million dollar payout for being bashed while on duty  


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  1. annoymouse :P says:

    Guys seriously? Matt was victim of a flying headbutt, and was knocked unconcious, and left partially paralyzed. Sure. He may not have died, but think of what else could have gone wrong. He tasered him, obviously because he had the thought he was going to die. He could have fell and knocked he’s temple on a brick or curb. Sure, mabye he didn’t but he thought ahead and took precautions, thus tasering him.

    Good luck Matt and his wife, and I think the crook shoulda thought, the stupid drunk guy.

  2. Sean Collins says:

    Have any of you arm chair experts actually been to a serious situation involving extremely aggressive people or a critical incident?? No? didn’t think so. Instead of sitting up there in your high chair and casting aspersions down like some high court judge, put yourself in the police officers shoes for just one second. In fact the police officer acted appropriately. If a person is highly unstable and extremely aggressive, yes police may use tazers to subdue someone; in this situation, police had tried to subdue the male physically numerous times without success and then had to use the tazer…it was a last resort. As for the cowardly attack from behind….no that is not self defence and was a gross miscarriage of justice on behalf of that magistrate.

    And as for this comment…

    “If you don’t want to break up fights then don’t become a bloody police officer!So he has to catch taxis now and is most concerned about not ageing gracefully? Pass the bucket please.-battler”

    Are you suffering from some type of brain injury or are you just plain stupid? No person in any job signs up to be bashed, maimed or paralysed regardless of what their vocation is. If your’e going to comment at least say something that is remotely intelligent or constructive or don’t say anything at all.

  3. Dylan O'Callaghan says:

    The cop was in the wrong, but he has been punished more than he deserves (being paralyzed). But we only hear of a fraction of police brutality cases because or corrupt government covers it up. I can tell u the police need to be accountable, so why weren’t the other cops charged, just like the tazer incident once again covered up with cops protected. I have video and audio recordings where I have been fulsley charged and harrased by WA cops who have even coluded with the criminals who attacked me (including the cop that commited GBH on me). Things got that bad I had to flea WA, my family, children & friends are there and I’m isolated broke & suffering stress and depression from what they have done to me. WHERE’S MY 3.3mil??? Of course not. I was refused legal aid but yet have overtured 1 fulse charge in appeal 2 still to go. DPP, media, ombudsman, atorney general, parliment not interested in resolving because I’m a poor uni student that can’t afford to pay $$$ to get justice. I even filmed police prosecutor & court security depending real offender in WA court house after they witnessed the offender admit to attacking myself and my 8month pregnant partner… look it up on you tube… “Uncaring police bustard neglect family saftey – possible police corruption”. I feel sorry for Butcher being paralyzed but enough is enough a badge doesn’t given them the right to attack us then slander us as criminals.


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