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Tony Abbott does it again


Tony  makes  his speech debut for coming 2010 elections in style

Tony Abbott today made a bloody terrific speech . which  will definetly sway  many a voter to the other side  and i m not kidding.

Steve Dickson MP

I have been a labor supporter  for some time now .. but really got disillusioned by how the whole rudd gillard  fight for chair affair was put forward in front of the whole world. Today listening to Tony abbotts speech  made me want to switch sides for the first time.

Here is what tony abbot said in his speech today:

A change of government would “end the spin and incompetence which he said had marred the Rudd-Gillard government and which had worsened over the three weeks since Ms Gillard ousted Mr Rudd as prime minister.

Mr Abbott said it was hard to trust Ms Gillard.

“Why should people trust a new prime minister who said she’d fix the messes her own government created,” he said.

“She failed to do so and is now rushing to the polls before she has established her credentials to govern.”

Mr Abbott asked why should people trust Ms Gillard when even her Mr Rudd could not.

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“Why should people trust a government that can’t say who would be the foreign minister, who would be the defence minister and who would be the finance minister if the government is re-elected,” he said.

“And why should people trust a prime minister who can’t guarantee that she would serve a full term because she can’t be sure that the factions would let her.”


Visit tony at his website –> http://www.tonyabbott.com.au/

Article by Sheldon Singh @ http://www.sheldonsingh.com/

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