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Hall of fame or shame with “racist comments” tarnishing the sporting industry


The hall of fame is soon turning to the hall of shame  with sports stars  doing the unthinkable . Potty mouths were never so much in fashion before  and  the media  and junta  and definitely not taking any of it  and throwing heaps of soap at them.

Here is a headline from Media :

Robert DiPierdomenico  “dipper” Racist comment

AFL legend ‘Dipper’ stood down in new racism storm –

Robert DiPierdomenico has been stood down indefinitely from his role as an AFL ambassador for Auskick following a racist comment he made at a public function last week. He described fellow Brownlow medallist Gavin Wanganeen as "not too bad for an Abo".

Ref : http://resources3.news.com.au/Dipper-5640643.jpg

Richmond player Mal Brown Racist comment

The revelation comes as former Richmond player Mal Brown yesterday defended his reference to Aboriginal players as "cannibals" at a Melbourne luncheon this week.



Brown yesterday apologised for his comments. Mel brown  gave a  poor impression of an apology which did not look like a real apology  which was shown on television.



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