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Things to know about energy mis-sellling


Miss-sold energy has become frequent in the recent days. It is a situation in which you are billed more than the actual amount for any form energy like gas or electricity The energy companies make profits more than any other sector by miss-selling or miss-billing but their customer satisfaction tends to fall. . If you are one of the victims who had emptied your pockets spending pounds and dollars for paying these bills, you have the right to claim back the amount. You can also get the compensation of missing your savings.

Miss-sold energy  bills and disputes errors

The independent energy Ombudsman can award you compensation up to 5000 Euros and the average given so far is 150 Euros.

How to claw back money for wrong energy bills

You have to check some points before finalizing that you have been miss-sold or miss-billed. To check if you have been miss-sold, you need to confirm any one of these like whether they have switched without your permission, whether they have provided you with direct debits to pay less but actually paid more. Direct debits may be offered by the supplier after knowing what you are paying, thus encouraging you to switch. But later they will charge you more. You also need to check whether have been sold any fixed tariffs without explaining you about how it works. Fixed tariffs are nothing but the amount you pay irrespective of whether the prices increase or decrease. There are also other tariffs like capped tariffs which will ensure you not to go above a certain level, tracker tariffs which follow above or below the standard rates. Lastly, check whether you have not been informed about the cancellation fees or the cooling off period and about how to cancel it.

Compensation for Bill error

To get the compensation, you need to follow some guidelines that will help you through this procedure. You need to complain to the supplier as the first step. This complaint should be in the form of a letter which has a standard template. If the complaint is not very serious, you can let the supplier know about it by just calling him over phone. If there is no response for more than two months, you can take the complaint directly to Ombudsman. Ombudsman is an independent body which settles the disputes in the fields of communication energy, licensing sectors and property. The information needed to be provided are the date you first complained to the supplier, the steps taken by you and the supplier about the problem, the type of resolution you need and if it is money , you need to say what it is based on.

It is important to file the complaint as soon as you find the problem because the Ombudsman can investigate your complaints only within nine months from the day of noticing the problem. If your supplier gave a wrong bill ten years back, you cannot claim the compensation now. There is also a case, when the supplier made the mistake some two years ago but you have noticed it just now, then the Ombudsman may have a chance to look into your complaint.

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