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5 Techniques for Effective Leaflet Distribution in London


Leaflet distribution is still one of the most preferred types of marketing for small business owners. Although, many people feel skeptical about it and think its ineffective when compared to modern marketing channels such as radio, television and newspapers. However, the truth is that leaflet distribution in London actually helps you achieve far higher response rate than any of the previously mentioned marketing channels.

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Similarly to every marketing approach, leaflet distribution requires careful planning and research in order to be successful. You need to learn as much as possible about your target audience, asses your distribution locations and plan the entire campaign from scratch. However, the most important thing to consider at that stage is the technique you will use for the actual distribution.

Door-to-door leaflet distribution

Door-to-door leaflet distribution achieves the highest response rates among all other techniques – more than 75% of the people read or keep leaflets delivered to their front door. It also enables you to personalize your leaflet and make it even more appealing for your prospects. However, keep in mind that unless you can create your own leaflet distribution team, you can always hire professionals to help you with that task. There are numerous benefits in hiring leaflet distribution company in London, including easier planning and detailed performance metrics.

Leaflets handout

Events, shows and popular venues are great way to meet up with dozens of new prospects and introduce them to your leaflet. When handing out your leaflets at specific locations, it will be easier to make simple sales pitch and increase the response rate among people.

If you plan to handout your leaflets at public places, consider their size. Studies suggest that the smaller the leaflets are, the higher are the chances that people will keep them and read them later on. According to researches made by the Direct Marketing Association, credit card sized leaflets work best when distributed from hand to hand.

Local newspapers and magazines

Showing your leaflet in local newspapers and magazines is great way to build credibility for your business. There are varying costs for that type of leaflet distribution service, but most of the time these are quite cost-effective. The prices are calculated often based on the size of your leaflet and personalized message.

Through subscribers and existing customers

If you keep a mailing list for your business, you should include your leaflets with every newsletter you send out. It is also great idea to include your latest leaflets with new order deliveries. You can even call your customers, ask them to review your service and enquire whether they will be happy to send out leaflets about your business to their friends and relatives. Your existing subscriber/customer base is great for distributing your leaflets, so take advantage of it.

Showcase your leaflets at local and public places

There are many great ways to showcase your leaflets at popular local and public places to earn even more exposure for your business. Great places to start your leaflet distribution in London are café’s, shopping bags, public bulletin boards and gas stations. Depending on the type of services or products you offer, you can choose specific locations that complement them in some way.



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