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The Digital Disorder – Office Life and its Effect on the Human Body



Humanity has evolved at a rate that is staggering, when you sit down and take some time to think about it. We have gone from living in caves to living in McMansions and enjoying the trappings of advanced society. What a world, eh? A key part of our evolution has been the technological advancements that have taken place alongside our burgeoning intelligence. As to why technology has evolved so fast, it can be explained thusly: when we’re faced with something that we think to be impossible, we’ll think that it is unachievable or far off, and then suddenly someone makes it possible. For example, for years the idea of running a mile in four minutes was thought to be impossible, and potentially dangerous. Then, all of a sudden, the four minute mile mark was broken, and then a bunch of people were doing it, one after another. The same thing happened with technology: in the 1980s no one had a phone, or if you did it was the size of a briefcase and cost you thousands, and then fast-forward a couple of decades and 15.5 million people in Australia own a mobile phone – a country with a population of just 23.3 million.

Our technological advances have meant that many of us now work jobs in the tech fields, or at the very least in an office or on a computer. With the growing number of people working on computers or in offices, there has been a concurrent instance of injuries due to poor posture and other work-related problems. To solve this, the science of ergonomics has come to the rescue! Ergonomics is the science of managing the design and usability of objects and devices – like computers and desks – in such a way that they are safe to use. Ergonomics is vital for ensuring that people are staying fit and healthy at work. We wanted to examine how to best stay safe at work, thanks to the input from Colebrook Bosson Saunders.

Problem: Sore back due to a sustained bad posture

Solution: Adjustable monitor holder or stand

When you are in the wrong position all day at work or at home and are looking at your computer from the wrong height, you are bound to get some problems with your neck and/or your back. The best solution to these kinds of issues is by ensuring that the monitor of your computer is at the right height! An adjustable screen holder can sort you out quick smart.

Problem: Pain in the hands or wrists

Solution: Adjustable keyboard height with arm rests

Another problem faced by many workers in offices is repetitive strain injury (RSI) relating to poor keyboard positioning. Solve the problem with a stand or heightened keyboard holder which alleviates the strain of supporting your wrists. This is an easy fix to a potentially very painful problem – especially when you consider how much time you spend on a computer each day!

Problem: Sore legs or feet from standing all day

Solution: Ergonomic cushioned mat

Some office jobs need you to stand for long periods, or you might have taken an ergonomic step forward and invested in a standing desk. No matter the reason for your standing, you must ensure that you have taken care of your legs and ankles with a supportive mat for your feet.

We hope these ergonomic tips have been helpful for you in taking some steps towards being healthier in your workplace. Don’t forget – you have to take care of your body because it’s the only one you’re ever going to get! Enjoy a more ergonomic life now and in the future.



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