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Technology continues to amaze us when it comes to voice and collaboration tools. The benefits that it has created when it comes to enhancing the customer experience are incredible. In a way, it is almost like having a physical presence with the customer, where you can walk through your presentations almost as you would if you were physically there. We will look at howvoice and collaboration tools are used and the benefits that they are providing both businesses and customers.

Leveraging the VOIP technology (Voice over IP) and Telephony systems

These systems are a step up from the traditional phone systems that we would previously have in the office. These smarter systems can store data that is received and share it with the relevant groups. For example, a voice message can be stored and accessed from another location via email notifications.

Another solution is providing easy to access national and international numbers where available. This gives the business a stronger professional image and the numbers can be directed to your department of choice.

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The routing options that are available means that your business will always be accessible, regardless of where you are. You have the ability to route calls to your mobile phone or to distribute the phone calls between departments. Additionally, businesses will be able to configure their phones to their operating hours during the days, weeks and holidays.

Furthermore, businesses can receive reporting access for their calls. This data is valuable for businesses that want to improve their customer service process, to track telephone drop offs and to identify any issues that need to be resolved as a part of the overall CRM process.

Integrate the system in with your wider technology and CRM systems

One of the incredible things about the technology is the way the technology can be integrated into the business’s CRM process. The collaboration tools can allow different teams to share and collaborate with documentation; information, materials and knowledge that will help address the inbound queries.

Instant messaging with technical support desks

One of the major game changers has been business’ ability to provide live help through their website to the visitors. This type of customer support can potentially be the difference between keeping a customer, losing a customer or making a new sale. The support can be linked to various teams within your organization. Whether the person enquiring is in need of technical support, accounts or sales support, the needs of the visitor can easily be allocated to the department of expertise to assist them with their query. Furthermore, it can help to reduce the caller drop off time and customers frustration with waiting in phone queues.

Leveraging international teams that will allow you to have 24/7 access

Additionally, the business can utilise remote teams or virtual assistants to assist with their customer service enquiries. It isn’t uncommon for businesses to use virtual assistant teams that are based in India, Pakistan, the Philippines or in other parts of the world where the labour cost is much cheaper and they can still deliver the same quality service. The collaboration technology allows these teams to be plugged into the organisation, as if they were operating locally, creating a streamlined customer service process.

The systems available now offer a more scalable cost effective solution

One of the most impressive features of the technology is how cost effective the solutions can be. There are options where you can invest in the hardware. However with the improvement in smartphone technology, there are options available where it can be set up virtually. These virtual options have a lower operational cost and these costs are then passed onto the consumer.

Regardless of the business’ size, there is a cost effective opportunity to invest in voice and collaboration systems that will enhance the customer experience. Look into scalable options that will suit your business needs and boost the perceived value of your business today.



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