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5 Reasons Behind Ecommerce Industry Sales Growth


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Online ecommerce is a booming arena, and so is the job of thriving Magento developers. The popularity can be seen from the fact that today you can have groceries ordered right from the comforts of your home without even moving from your seats. For those planning to set up their own ecommerce business online, we have strong reasons why ecommerce development is growing online at such a brisk pace:

1. Mobile Commerce gaining rapid momentum

With the advent of Smartphone and apps, it is not surprising to see users sticking to their mobile for buying possibly everything. Convenience to buy anytime anywhere is the biggest asset of m-commerce, since your mobile phone always comes handy with you.

2. Hassle free buying and returning processes

Ecommerce makes it highly convenient to buy online without going through a lengthy purchase process of selecting products, comparing it with others, finding out right deals, and finally standing at the billing counter in a queue waiting for your turn. Additionally, if you do not like the product, then rather than visiting the physical store again in case of conventional buying, you can have it returned through Product Replacement Guarantee and Money Back Guarantee associated with every single product.

3. On time deliverability of products & services

Just place an order on web, and things like food items, groceries, or more, are delivered to your doorsteps within a matter of minutes. The same goes for services like hair cutting, baby sitting, and more. This is advantageous to even sellers as well, who can take instant orders, and serve utmost gratification by deploying the offerings as soon as they receive the requests.

4. Going for niche products not seen commonly

With ecommerce, you are able to shop a wide range of niche products which otherwise you might not find usually in physical stores. With the likes of sites like Dog Stuff, Botanik, Model Roundup, and lots more, you can have niche products searched online with ease, and place your order right away, without going around the city and searching for unconventional products difficult to find.

5. Availing best offers and deals through detailed comparison

Imagine, the amount of time you take when shopping in a mall or store. You won’t find relevant things in just one shot. There might be a range of things fitting your taste, and you need to determine the best of the lot, in terms of pricing, use, as well as other factors. No matter how much you stroll around a physical marketplace, you are going to surely miss out on things, due to time or other constraints. However, that is not the case with shopping online. While shopping online, you can have a glimpse at every single product, from the product category you are looking for. What’s more? You can even compare multiple products at once, and ease your buying decision by comparing every single minute detail of those products together.


Ecommerce is today’s trend that is even going to be the future of buying and selling. No matter how much physical wholesalers or retailers try to avoid this discussion, ecommerce is here to stay, especially with M-Commerce gaining increasing popularity. Just experience this ever rising bandwagon and you surely won’t regret on your decision.

Author Bio:

The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies, a global IT consulting and web development company Specialize in Magento Ecommerce development. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.



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