Top 10 Ways to Earn Extra Money Online


Today there are several exciting ways to earn money online without having to make a large investment. Everything from self-publishing e-books to entering online tournaments has the potential to bring in an extra wage. The following are ten top ways to earn an income online.

One – Self-Publish an eBook:

Self-publishing books is a good way to earn an income online. Sites like Create Space provide services designed to walk writers through the necessary steps: uploading manuscripts, creating covers, and publishing books through Amazon, either in paperback or on Kindle platform.

Two – Online Poker Tournaments:


If you enjoy online poker, there are several online tournaments that provide winning opportunities. For example ipops, with a guaranteed prize-pool over a million dollars, it’s a way of getting your pockets packed without very small buy-ins investments. You will have to start from the beginning winning satellites and getting yourself up will the finals where is where the big money is.

Three – Forex Trading:

While Forex trading requires an investment in time, the potential for earning is considerable. Practice on a free demo account until you feel confident. With leverages ranging from 1:1 to 1:888, the only loss you are exposed to is what you actually have in your account, unlike other markets where a margin call can leave you owing the broker money.

Four – Online Freelancing:

Online freelancing sites such as,, and provide wonderful opportunities for marketing your talents. While provides a flat rate, sites like Elance allow freelancers to create unique profiles and bid on a variety of jobs, anything from translation to website SEO.

Five – Selling Artwork and Crafts

For talented individuals selling online can provide a solid income. Sites like provide a ready-made platform for artists and craftspeople to sell items through virtual stores. It is now easier than ever to sell merchandise on Amazon and EBay.

Six – Blogs on Squidoo


Another exciting way to make money, Squidoo offers potential. While it may take a little while to start earning, adding gadgets to a personalized page can help draw the attention of internet users. Add modules to generated income from affiliate sales.

Seven – Google AdSense

Google’s AdSense is an additional way to earn money. Sign up for a free AdSense account and receive an extra income from ads attached to your website or blog. As traffic to the site increases, the greater the earning potential becomes.

Eight – Write for Online Article Bases

Writing for article bases like Yahoo Contributor Network can provide a nice secondary income. Contributors may write articles covering a broad range of topics and receive payments upfront or via performance pay-outs. Contributors are able to promote their own articles and receive ongoing payments.

Nine – Selling T-shirts on Zazzle and CafePress


Designing unique t-shirts with colourful designs and slogans can provide the perfect opportunity for creative individuals to make a little extra money. Websites like Zazzle and CafePress allow designers to set up free accounts. Payments are based on established pricing, and the companies produce and ship the merchandise to the customers.

Ten – Set up a Consultant-Site

Perfect for retirees, a consultation site allows experts to take advantage of their knowledge and experience by selling advice to others. Set up your own site or use an existing site to serve as a platform for your expertise.

While it’s important to be aware of scams, there are many authentic opportunities. The best way to earn money online is to promote yourself, sponsor your work, love what you do, and do what you love!




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