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Keeping things cool in Summer and toasty in Winter is as easy as buying home air conditioners that can both heat and cool a room. But there is more to it than just buying a product to do the job for you. To keep costs down and your conscience in check, you need to think about energy efficient heating and cooling. This goes beyond buying a quality air conditioning unit and turning it on. You need to make sure you are using it properly while preparing your home to maximise results in an energy efficient manner.

You may think you need to start from scratch to take advantage of energy efficient heating and cooling but even for existing homes there are many ways to reduce your power bills and improve overall comfort without being a burden on the environment. The following tips will help you become energy efficient in both Summer and Winter.

Energy Efficient Heating

Reduce your power bill and save some cash with energy efficient heating. Keep you and your family warm all winter without breaking the bank with these energy efficient solutions.

No matter what home air conditioners you use, if you use and maintain it wisely, you can reduce those costs while keeping comfortable. You may even use quality air conditioning less.

● Keep your home air conditioners at a steady temperature. Ideally between 18°C and 20°C for you living room or lounge.

● You’ll want to avoid leaving your home air conditioning on overnight. Also, don’t leave it running when you’re not home. It doesn’t take long for a quality air conditioning unit to be effective so is a waste if you aren’t home.

● If your home air conditioners have turn off timers, use them. Set them to turn off at night or turn on in the morning.

● Control the area you want heated. Close doors to areas you aren’t using. Heating the one area you are using is a lot more energy efficient than heating your entire home.

● Keep the air flowing in your home. Make sure furniture isn’t blocking any ducts or optimal airways.

● Make sure you clean the filters of your home air conditioners regularly to keep them working at maximum efficiency.

● A bonus tip for those with a reversible ceiling fan. Use it to redistribute heat that has built up in high ceilings.

Energy Efficient Cooling

Being energy efficient with your cooling involves stopping the heat getting into your home during the day and making sure the cool air gets in at night. This can effectively reduce the need for turning on your home air conditioners. Most of our efficient heating tips work the same for energy efficient cooling but we have a few extras that you can try and employ.

● To stop the heat getting in try and shade north, west and east windows.

● Insulation is super effective for both cooling and heating. You’ll want to insulate your ceiling, walls and floors.

● Go around your home and check the seals around windows, doors and other gaps to stop that heat from getting into your house

● If you can, landscape your property to provide natural shade for your property.

With these tips in hand you, your home and your family will be cosy and comfortable all year-round while keeping costs down and energy efficiency at a maximum. If you need a quality air conditioning unit to help put these tips into practice head over to and they’ll help you choose a unit to complement these energy efficient solutions. You’ll be ready to beat the heat and grab hold of the cold.



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