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10 Reason Why Internships In China Is Good For Your Career


China’s nominal GDP puts it at the position of the world’s second largest economy. What’s more, it’s also the world’s largest exporter of goods and the world’s fastest growing major economy. A Chinese internship can put the shine on your career, and here are 10 reasons why that is so.

The Chinese Economy Is Booming

Countries such as the UK and the US are just recovering from depressed economies. People are looking for jobs elsewhere in the world. With its burgeoning economy and technological superiority, China is now poised to offer employment to people from other countries.

China Welcomes Foreign Interns


Due to major industrial expansion, China has plenty of jobs that need people to fill them. Interns work very well for this purpose, from an economic perspective. As a result, China welcomes foreign interns and offers them great training and job opportunities while ensuring economic manpower for its own industries.

China Offers Both Business Opportunity And Chilled Lifestyle

Chinese companies are willing to share their knowledge and skills with interns, and act as stepping stones to further their careers. As a country, China is fascinating, from a cultural, linguistic and social perspective. Even though the country is steeped in eastern wisdom, it is modern, western and open to other cultures.

A China Internship Opens The Doors To Global Employment

China offers overseas experience that’s welcome in most countries, and also a healthy job market for interns who opt for a career in China. An intern’s future employability increases due to the job skills, knowledge and linguistic flexibility that a Chinese internship program offers.

Chinese-Interned Students Obtain Several Additional Advantages

Foreign students who intern in China have to learn how to live and survive in an alien culture. This makes them more flexible, more resilient, more innovative, adaptable, courageous and outgoing. This also increases their confidence and self-esteem. All these qualities are highly prized by employers worldwide.

Several Companies Facilitate Internship Opportunities

In the recent past, Chinese internship has taken off like a rocket. You’ll find several companies facilitating internship opportunities in top Chinese businesses for a fee. Shanghai and Beijing are two top locations where interns can find suitable internships and even jobs through internship-facilitating organizations.

Many Internship Companies Offer Total Orientation Training

Internship facilitators provide orientation programs for interns to learn about Chinese culture and learn the language. These companies are aware of the extra effort that interns have to put in, in order to survive in China. As a result, they go out of their way to help with orientation programs that help interns settle down.

An Internship In China Helps Build Character

For interns, this is a great opportunity to learn about a new culture and add to their world knowledge. A Chinese internship opens their minds and helps them process information differently. A Chinese internship offers an once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience overseas travel and see a whole different world.

US Colleges Offer Academic Credit For Chinese Internship

US colleges used to offer academic credit for student internships in UK, Canada, Israel and Australia. Now they offer academic credit for Chinese internships as well. What’s more, business schools and colleges encourage Chinese internship, given that China is the world’s second biggest economy.

A Number Of Global Companies Operate In China

Some of the top US companies operate in China and even have offices there. Examples include Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, KPMG and others. Several corporate biggies have tie-ups with China as well. This means interns have the opportunity to find employment in the Chinese establishments of top global corporates as well.

10 Reason Why Internships In China Is Good For Your Career  


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