Three Sources of Extra Income that You Could Be Capitalising On


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It is human nature to want more. Although you may be lucky enough to have a beautiful home, two cars parked on your driveway, and the funds to holiday abroad at least once a year, it’s a given that if someone told you there were ways to increase your income, you would want to hear about them. Well, here we are, and we’re telling you exactly that.

Intrigued? Then here are three ideas to inspire you…

#1: Seek a Pay Rise or Promotion


The obvious place to begin if you’re hoping to increase your monthly income is with your employer, and if you’ve been working hard and delivering good results, it may be time to seek a reward. A lot of people lack the confidence to raise such an issue with their manager or boss, but it’s only fair for your efforts to pay off. Women, in particular, have been shown to be too embarrassed to actively try to secure promotion or a wage increase, yet studies indicate that such requests are often successful, and even on the occasions when they’re not, they’ll usually help to put you at the forefront of your employers’ mind when the next opportunity arises.

#2: Freelance


If a wage increase or promotion is not on the cards, it’s time to think outside of the box and start looking for opportunities elsewhere. Freelancing can be a great place to start, and whether it’s using your existing skills to earn a little extra money on an evening, or taking advantage of a hobby and offering tuition to others, there are lots of talents that you can capitalise on. Tout for business both online and locally to maximise your chances of attracting interested parties, and then sit back and wait for your future clients to contact you.

#3: Investing


If you’d like to try something else entirely, investing is another option for you to consider. There are dozens of different markets and financial instruments to choose from, from stocks to futures to forex. With various levels of risk and reward across different assets, there’s something to suit everyone, and profit-making opportunities abound. Brokers like AxiTrader are usually all too happy to speak to potential traders, and will offer you the chance to demo their platforms so you can decide whether investing is really right for you before you have to commit.

If you’re looking to boost your income, could one of these methods work for you?



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