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Why Branded Merchandise Should Be Part Of Your Long Term Strategy?


cusotmised gear for 2017

We all own something with a logo printed on it that we were handed at a promotional campaign of some business. The great thing about these items is that as long as they stay in front of our sight, they are remarketing the brand to the beholder.


Creating a Lasting Impression

PPAI’s research survey shows that 62% of people remember the name and colours of a company that offered them promotional goodies. Promotional products are great at serving as reminders of the brand. Customer loyalty and improved customer relations can result from the genius use of such promotional gifts. It creates an urgent appreciation and gratitude that creates a positive association. When you include your contact details on the product, customers are more likely to call you as you are easy to reach and they do not want to brain storm for comparative services.

Valuable Advertising Space

A majority of people work 8 hours every day. As such, many of these people sit in one spot on their desk. During this time, if your prospective client is using branded materials or a printed merchandise item, it is highly likely that they would think of you whenever they need the product you are dealing in. A well-selected product can easily become a permanent billboard of the brand and the message you are trying to send for as long as the item lasts.

Customize Your Promotional Item

You can add a personal touch to your promotional item according to the type of customer you are trying to reach. When you are specific about the way you market your brand, it further filters the right people for you to market to, that are the people who are likely going to use your product. The promotional merchandise works to make them like your brand, as opposed to people who don’t relate to the message in your promotional campaign and you just hand them the printed t-shirts.

Branded and Useful Merchandise

Promotional gifts have more impact when they are useful for the recipient. You do not necessarily select a promotional item because it looks great or that it looks amazing, but because it comes in handy. People are going to keep and carry around things they know they need, especially if they are getting it for free! The good news is that every time that they gaze upon it, that promotional item will be marketing your brand. Businesses want their promotional merchandise to be seen on a daily basis for maximum benefit and for the least cost per impression. That is exactly what you are getting here, except the fact that it is at a much cheaper price as compared to other alternatives.

Cost Effective

Correctly targeted merchandise that is given to the target market can boost sales. If you are taking care of minimizing the cost of producing the item, you are in for good long-term profits for the business.







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