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The key benefits of a Virtual Office



Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any Australian business. Therefore, it is important to adapt to the requirements of your clientele and the market your business is operating within. Creating and supporting flexible working hours allows the people who work for you to log on wherever they are, whenever they’re required. A virtual office not only allows for flexible working hours, but it also increases the comfort level of your staff members as there is no commute associated with logging on remotely. Additionally, this enables your business to communicate to global markets with reduced disruption to your employees.

From an overheads perspective, virtual offices also drastically reduce your business’s costs. As the business doesn’t have to pay for a brick and mortar lease, but can still have access to all the benefits if it so requires. In addition, your business will also see that there is a reduction in energy and technology costs.

Not only can you still have a fixed prestigious business address, but also provide co-working spaces worldwide and access to boardrooms with high-tech facilities made available at your request. Therefore, it allows your business to really have the edge, whilst also having the flexibility and cash flow to innovate accordingly.

Outlined below are the key benefits:

Zero Travel Time

Not only will your staff benefit from not having to commute, but also your clients. As they can take advantage of remote access to conference calls or meetings, particularly since travelling to and from any office can be extremely unproductive. As such, this time could be better spent on focusing on a specific task rather than wasting time sat in traffic.

Being Flexible Works

Flexibility can be a wonderful asset to boosting morale, as by being flexible to your employee’s needs creates a positive association with your business. Therefore, by allowing your employees the option to start earlier or later, they will be more likely to appreciate your understanding and work harder. As such, it is more than likely that your business will experience increased productivity from your employees.

Overhead Reduction

Without any brick and mortar lease, or the associated utility bills, the business overheads will considerably reduce. Furthermore, this will have a direct affect on your business’s profit and provides you with the option of investing in your employees, whilst training courses or incentive schemes could be developed to reduce employee turnover.

Larger Talent Pool

Without having the constraints of a fixed office address, it allows you to employ people who would normally have been out of reach, which opens up a number of opportunities for the company to employ the best staff for the job. Alternatively, if the business is global it may well be beneficial to employ a designated staff member in each major city that the business is working in, or where your clients reside.

Productivity Push

A major positive is the increase in productivity your business will see. Without the commute to work, paired with the flexible working hours, employees will be more likely to work harder in exchange for these benefits. Moreover, as you physically cannot monitor what your staff members are doing, there will be an increase in their productivity by your employees showcasing how hard they are working in this new environment.

Productivity will also increase due to the lack of distractions from having a busy office environment, as interruptions from other staff members can cause people to stop and start projects, which can be when errors occur.




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