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Smoke and Mirrors – 5 Secrets to Making Your Small Business Look Great


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Every business has to start somewhere. Even with a limited budget you still need to make your business appealing to customers. Without a façade that screams “I’m successful,” you risk appearing unprofessional and inexperienced. Here are five secrets to making your small business look the part even as you’re finding your feet in your chosen market:

Think Smart with Offices

Where you work can make a difference to the appeal of your business. Therefore, there’s every reason to consider serviced offices or virtual offices when you’re looking for suitable premises. A serviced office in a premium location can offer a sense of professionalism while still being affordable. The best part about a serviced office is you can utilize WiFi, reception services, office furniture and more, all built into one convenient weekly or monthly cost.

Virtual offices, on the other hand, are perfect for small businesses operating from home. You can benefit from an official business address and phone number, with forwarding services directing it to your home. No one need ever know you don’t work in a premium location.

Go Professional with Design

The worst thing you can do when you’re trying to launch a business is skimp on design. As IBM president Thomas Watson Jr. once said, good design is good business. If you create a logo on your own, you risk plastering your business with an unprofessional image that you can’t shake. The result? Wariness from potential customers who may otherwise have purchased your products if your image appeared more appealing.

Get Creative with Marketing

When you launch a new business, it can be challenging to get the word out. While you may have hoped that by merely by opening your doors the customers will come flocking, that’s often not the case. To put your business in a league of its own, you need to get creative with marketing. Offer your customers a solution to their problems in an “out of the box” way and ensure your business branding is everywhere.

To do so professionally, you may need to call upon the expertise of a marketing consultant. They can help you to understand where you need to market yourself, how best to approach your audience, as well as whom you should target. Hitting the bullseye with a killer campaign can be all it takes to get customers rolling through your doors.

Know Your Competition

There is a high chance that you are entering the world of business with a fair amount of competition. For example, if you’ve opened a new restaurant, there’s a good chance there will be at least a handful of restaurants nearby. Therefore, when you hit the market, you need to watch your competition like a hawk.

Find out what they are doing successfully and where they’re weak. By doing so, you can establish your business model with a competitive edge. Do it differently, do it better and your business is going to look far more successful to the general public.

Encourage Online Reviews

More and more people are turning to online reviews as their primary source of information about a new business. The more positive reviews your venture has, the better it is for your image. As a trickle of customers slowly comes through, encourage them to review the service you provided. You can even offer incentives for them to do so – such as discounts on their next purchase.

Your business isn’t going to look the part without a little effort and planning. While you might have a limited budget, there are so many things you can do to present your business to the public in a favorable light without breaking the bank.



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