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Setting up an office in Australia and what you need


finding office space in australia

Looking to start your own office, but don’t know where to go. Luckily there are office solutions that exist that can help you in this area and find you the right office space for your business. Australia is a growing economy with companies in many sectors like oil and gas, mining, start up and tech companies emerging every day. The bustling economy is supported by the rapid pace of its growing population.

With the rapid growth comes the needs for more space for small offices, big offices and also serviced or executive offices where a business does not have to do much but just find or rent out a fully equipped office.

Finding the right office space can be a tedious job, because different kind of offices has different kind of requirements, a clinic office would have different requirements to a start-up technology office or an offshore oil and gas setting up a local office in your country. Different factors need to be taken into account like locations of the office, transport to office, parking availability, disabled access, security etc.

Office spaces can often also vary in prices with its proximity to the capital CBD or if it is then based in the suburbs. CBD office spaces normally tend to be higher in rent compared to office space in the suburbs. Real estate brokers or custom agents for office space would be able to give you an idea of what is most suitable to your budget and find you the right listings to choose from.

Modern office agents not only find the right space for you knew office but also manage/organise the leasing and finance to get your new office started up quickly. Top commercial office agents like CBRE, Knight Frank and Collier International often provide office space for sale or on an auction , but are not focussed on setting up an executive office as per your needs or then a serviced office for a small or medium business.

They are different commercial websites that provide listing of office space available in auction and for sale. But what do you do if you want a serviced office or then a fully functional executive office where you can just move in. This is where www.officespace.com.au comes in, they are a Australian company that can provide arrange of offices from executive offices in Sydney, serviced office space in Perth, a sophisticated location in Melbourne, furnished space in Brisbane or Adelaide or service pretty much all of Australia.

They do the work of finding the right location for you, setting up a lease with the most appropriate term suitable to you if long or short term and also doing all the paperwork – making it easy for you to just move in and start work.

If you are looking for office space in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth in Australia, you can check out the office space website to find a suitable space for your new office.



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