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Respite Care – What to Expect


home and respite care for australia

Respite care describes short-term care solutions, designed to provide caregivers with a temporary break. Respite care options provide caregivers with an opportunity to take a temporary rest, whilst knowing that their loved one is cared for by a registered and trained professional.

Respite care is therefore flexible and can be tailored for each individuals needs. For example, temporary care can be provided for the elderly, or for those with conditions that require supervision. Care can also be offered from hourly to weekly, in the comfort of your own home, or within a residential care home. If you have questions about respite care in NSW, read on to find out what to expect.

Home Care

One of the most important features of respite care is that it is designed to provide individualised and flexible care. Many people choose to receive home care after recovering from an operation or illness, or simply when extra help is required for some of life’s daily tasks. Respite care providers can assist you or a loved one with various tasks including personal care and with completing household chores.

Respite care providers step-in to complete the tasks that are performed by your usual caregiver. At home care is therefore structured with flexibility in mind, ensuring that the care provided is specific to the individual and their needs. Some clients may require constant supervision and care, while others will only require care for a few specific hours each week.

Residential Facilities

Residential facilities can be utilised for an overnight stay, or for an extended period of time. Respite care provided in a residential care facility is a great option for any primary caregiver that requires a temporary break, but who wishes to ensure that their loved one is cared for in a supervised environment. Many leading residential facilities offer numerous accommodation options, including single or shared rooms. Many will also offer various social activities, including day trips and activities. These programs are a great way for individuals to make friends and participate in group activities.

Many individuals choose to receive respite care at a residential facility as a trial when considering whether or not to enter into aged care. Having an opportunity to stay at a facility temporary can be a good opportunity to decide whether or not it is the right fit.


Respite care providers are trained professionals. Before choosing to hire a care provider you can review their requisite qualifications and other additional training they may have undertaken. Many professionals who care for those with disabilities, Alzheimer’s or other individual conditions, will carry additional qualifications and experience working with patients with the same needs. Industry leading respite care providers will ensure that your loved one’s caregiver is experienced and able to assist with any individualised care requirements.


As the options of respite care available are so varied, so too are the costs involved. Whilst some services will be charged by the hour, others will be charged by the number of days or weeks. The costs of the service will also vary depending on the level of care and supervision that is required.

Some individuals may be eligible for government funding or other financial assistance programs in order to subsidise the costs of respite care.


Respite care is a fantastic option for any caregiver that requires a temporary break, or any individual that requires additional care for a short or extended period. With so many flexible options available, respite care can include as much support or care as each individual requires. From help with shopping and household chores, to expert care for disabilities or health conditions; respite care is an affordable option for every family.

Respite Care – What to Expect  


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