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Economic Emergency – What to do When Hard Times Hit


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Financial hard times happen to the best of us. Whether it’s a failing economy or the loss of a job, struggling to pay the bills and trying to make ends meet can be exhausting and scary.

While there’s not much you can do to control the economy or even your employment, there are things you can do to improve your financial situation, secure your future, and weather any economic disasters that may loom over the horizon. The list below is designed to help you get through when hard times hit, so you come out on the other side with your financial life intact:

Avoid the Payday Loan Trap

While it’s tempting to head to a payday loan store when you need cash fast, this can be a serious mistake. Payday loans only add to your stress by hitting you with extremely high interest rates and even more outrageous fees if you can’t pay on time.

If you absolutely need cash fast a growing number of responsible microfinance lenders offer small cash loans online with less onerous terms Designed to help you out of a pinch without the astronomical fees, these options can help improve your financial resilience.

Do Away with Unnecessary Things

Many people spend money on non-essential items, leaving them less disposable income for the things they truly need. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between which items are necessary and which aren’t. The best way to do this is to write every purchase down along with its price.

At the end of the week, go through the list and decide which items you could do without. When you see the things you buy in a more objective light, it puts into perspective how much money you could be saving by reining in unnecessary expenditure.

Cut Back

Depending on your situation, it may make more sense to cut back on some things rather than cutting them out. For instance, do you really need an unlimited data plan for your cell phone? What about that premium cable package? How often do you actually watch all those movie channels? Cutting back on things you don’t fully use can add up to significant savings each month.

Consider Refinancing Your Home

If hard times have you struggling to pay your bills, but your credit is still in good shape, consider refinancing your home. This simple act could save enough money each month to help you ride out your financial difficulties much more easily.

Re-evaluate Your Insurance Policies

It’s very common to be over-insured, especially when you don’t fully understand complicated insurance lingo. You could be shelling out more money than necessary for more coverage than you need. To find out, and potentially save a lot of money each month, contact your insurance agent to discuss the details of your policies. Be sure you’re getting all the discounts available to you, including good driving record, theft deterrent devices, and safety equipment discounts.

Continue Saving for Retirement

Retirement will come, whether you like it, or not. You have to be ready when it arrives, and that means continuing to save for it no matter what your financial situation. Barring a complete financial loss, don’t stop putting even a small amount each month aside for your golden years, and don’t borrow against your 401k if you can avoid it.

Financial hard times can hit anyone. However, it’s how you react to them that makes the difference. Keeping a level head and using smart tactics like the ones mentioned above will help you ride out the storm with the least amount of stress and frustration.



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