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Click is Not Always a Good Sound


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Click is the sound that your door makes when it closes.  That sound is supposed to make you feel safe and secure. However, if that sound comes and you have forgotten your keys on the inside then it is the sound of despair. Most doors lock from the inside which means that you don’t need a key to lock it. Once the door shuts, it is locked. Your options for attaining entry back into your home are slim.

  • Check to see if there is an open window or door
  • Call a relative or neighbor to whom you have given a key
  • Locate the hidden key that you placed under a rock, inside of a planter or attached to another part of the property

In recent years, most people do not live with any close family nearby who could come to your rescue. Most people do not really know their neighbors. You may say “Hello” every once in a while, but do you really want to give them the keys to your castle? Another problem might occur if you have a security system that is linked to the police station.  Your best option is to hire a licensed locksmith to come and open the door for you. It is often the less expensive option compared to replacing a window or a broken door.

Cars today also emit a clicking sound when you lock them. You park at a garage, lock the car and put in key in your pocket or bag. When you go to retrieve your vehicle, you can’t find the key. It is nowhere to be found. Your options are very limited. Since 1997, most new cars have adopted a transponder module into the keying system. It is a great way to keep thieves from stealing your car and belongings. Unless you know for certain that the key is in the car, then breaking the window will not assist you in your problem. The reason for this is because unless the transponder code and the car’s computer system’s code match, the car will not start. The only reliable, safe method is to call a locksmith. Licensed locksmiths have access to the data of car manufacturers’ codes.  With this information, they will be able to make a new key.

If you need an emergency locksmith in Perth, Australia, a reliable business to contact is SAS Locksmiths. They provide 24 hour service for autos, homes and businesses. They have trained professionals who specialize in all types of locking mechanisms. They are also licensed by the police departments to assist you in gaining access to your home. SAS Locksmiths are also consultants for installing new equipment for your business or home. They will do a security check of the property that you want to be guarded and advise you the correct locking systems for your needs.  With their state-of-the-art cutting system, they will be able to duplicate a key either on the road or in their shop.

Now that you have gained access to your home and/or car, it is time to do some serious thinking so this will not happen again. First, think about having a dead-bolt lock installed, so that you need a key to actually lock the door from the outside. Next, if you have no family close by to rescue you, make friends with one of your neighbors. Have them keep a set of keys to your home and car. If that is not possible, find an excellent stashed place outside of the property to keep a key.



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