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Australia is booming economically. Building is going non-stop as entire neighbourhoods are created where once there were only grasses and wildlife.  Now is your best time to invest in the business of your own dream you have held so long. Whether you are interested in flexing your business muscles in a bustling supermarket or wholesale commodities, this is the time and Melbourne is the place.

Franchise or Business Owner?

There are business and franchise opportunities in practically every industry from wholesale to retail, manufacturing to repair, from vehicles to home fixtures. All categories have Business for sale. As a business person, you know where your skills lie and how you can turn them into a solid income for now and your future.  If your business interests are more in the services area such as cleaning, restoring or renovations, there is an opening for you to toss your hat today.

Selling or Buying?

To cash in on the anticipated upswing in the economy can also be the wisest move for you to sell your business that has given you excellent income.  Your company and its client base offered as a Business for sale should bring in a substantial price if brokered wisely, and you would be free to invest in another area.   Either selling or buying a business is a life changing event, and you must have the best representation available or face heavy and lasting disappointment.

Professional Advice and Representation

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Knowing when and where and how much is an educated professional’s forte and you should retain the best advice available in the form of a business broker. The broker’s job is not to just file the appropriate documents.  He is representing you, as either seller or buyer, in the business of your dreams. You want the person representing you to have clear communication, integrity and persistence –these are the keys, whether you are vendor or purchaser of a Business for sale.

Your expert consultants should meet with you in the first instance before details are discussed. Maintaining trust in your business broker is of utmost importance, particularly with confidentiality agreements. Ensuring all parties are comfortable and confident during meetings, discussions and inspections are a critical measure of a successful broker.  Successful broker means he successfully negotiated a sale or purchase for you!

BPA Brokers Have Right Stuff

Growing from a one man operation in 2000 into the well established brokerage today, with over 15 team members, did not happen by luck.  It occurred because of its founder’s perseverance and unflagging zeal for his business sales.  It also happened because Mino Stronghilis, founder, treats every contact with the same attention, respect, and willingness to go the extra mile to complete the transaction in a trustworthy, professional manner.

You need the confidence of having the BPA Brokers firm representing you, whether you are interested in buying a $750,000 cafe or selling a $40,000 ethnic Takeaway.  That need is the strong suit of BPA Brokers, in that the team of 15 professional brokers share the same vitality and expertise in bringing a sale or purchase to fruition.  The word which stands apt to describe Mino and his team is "professional", because that is exactly descriptive of who and what they are.

The BPA Brokers firm will handle your business for sale or purchase in a professional yet personal manner. They represent you and not a bank or other entity. They will never enter into any promise, agreement or reveal any details without conferring with you first.

Contact Mino Stronghilis at BPA Brokers today to discuss your present in regard to your future.



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