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Achieving operational efficiency with pallet racking systems


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Storage and inventory management is one of the major challenges for a growing business. In industries that require precise recording and tracking of goods, it is ideal to have a system and infrastructure in place that can facilitate the operational efficiency required to ensure a smooth supply and delivery process. Businesses in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) have realized this and are one of the leading sectors in using pallet-racking systems to better manage their stock inventory. Metal pallet racking shelves have become become an essential part of the industry, not just in Australia, but across the globe. As businesses seek to improve their infrastructure with pallet racking systems, pallet racking companies in Melbourne look at the benefits that lie ahead for businesses and considerations that need to be made prior to their pallet racking selection.

The business benefits of pallet racking

Selective pallet racking is ideal where flexibility, access and speed of operation are the main objectives of the required business system. Pallet racks save time and energy by storing the entire pallet as opposed to breaking down the pallet and storing the items elsewhere. This saves in additional manpower and labour costs. Pallet racking offers businesses a warehouse storage solution both laterally and vertically. As businesses grow and require storage for their inventory stock, a storage management system is required that will allow the business to store and rotate their inventory as per the business requirements. Pallet racking provides a good system for stock accessibility and rotation, as the pallets can be accessed and moved individually, allowing for rapid handling of pallet goods.

Pallet flexibility

Selective Pallet Racking can also be easily adjusted or relocated at any time. For companies that choose to make the investment in pallet racking; one of the key features that the business will notice is the ease of assembly, disassembly and transportation. Pallet frames can easily be transported by containers to the warehouse location and developed as per the business’s needs. Businesses can further develop the pallet racks within their warehouse by creating access to single or multiple bays.

Pallet racking requires a relatively small investment.

Over the long term, it is ideal for businesses to have their own storage facility. The initial outlay that is required to setup pallet racking in the warehouse is relatively small when compared to outsourcing storage services that could cost the business hundreds of thousands or millions annually.

Improved space management

The clever thing about pallet racking is it’s flexibility when it comes to using space. Pallet racks offer diversified rack and shelving solutions

It provides easy beam adjustment and accommodates various pallet heights. Additionally, lower level pallets can be located on the floor for picking purposes.

Pallet racking safety

It is the duty of the business to design and supply a safe warehouse storage facility that will support the business’s heavy inventory. These types of racks are also improving safety due to the load-bearing steel structure. People may be concerned that the rack would collapse, however with the right rack and maintenance, it isn’t something that should arise as a concern.

Considerations when choosing your pallet rack

When deciding which rack to go from, there are a range of options that need to be considered to fit in with your business’s operational objectives. The types of racks that are available to choose from include:

• Selective racking

• Double deep racking

• Drive-in pallet racking

• Narrow aisle racking

• Push back racking

• Pallet live racking

• Pallet runner

• AS/RS.

Business spaces and needs vary. And the warehouse storage solution needs to reflect the business’s needs. The management of inventory stock, records management and supply chain management with the warehouse is important; hence the need to develop a solid infrastructure to support these business demands.

Improve your business’s operational efficiency with pallet racking systems and improve the efficiency and management of warehouse storage, for the long term success of your business.




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