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5 Tips for Successful Retail Fitout in Australia


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If you are just venturing into the retail sector, fitting out the shop might be one of the unexpected hurdles that you face. After you have found the right location, repaint it, and buy the display cabinets and racks, you will still need to make it visually appealing. Most building owners will encourage you to improve the building at your expense.

1. Improve the interior Design to Attract Customers

You will need a strategic approach and the right expertise to get the retail interior design right. Great signage, product placement, and visual merchandising can complement this. When you are planning your interior design, always have the customer experience in mind. For a customer, the persuasion to enter the store is the ambience and not the products. Most customers do not notice the merchandise on display. When they come into the store, the first impression is what matters.

One way to grab their attention is to install floor to ceiling wall fixtures. It will allow for the optimal placement of products while encouraging customers to linger. In the trading area, place low-line shelves to allow customers to see products, which will help increasing spending. It also increases customer visibility, which helps to lower shoplifting.

With the right layout, it will also promote signage. This can assist the flow of traffic while helping to build your brand. By analysing and understanding the customer behaviour, you will be able to design a space to guide customers through the store to where they need to be.

2. Make Use of LED Lighting

If you run a retail store, it is important to make full use of shop windows to attract customers. The windows have to be well lit and this will attract customers. The LED lighting is the best option since it helps you to save money on the energy bill. Besides that, it is quite durable and efficient. It also gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to highlighting certain products that are in high demand. To get it right, consider speaking to a retail fitout service in Melbourne like Unita.

3. Invest in Good-Quality Air Condition

In Melbourne, summer can be quite hot. It is important that you have a good air conditioning unit to maintain a relaxing environment inside the store. Besides that, it preserves the shelf life of your products. The last thing you want is for customers to run off to a more comfortable retail store. If your store is a haven for all weather conditions, you will have more customers who want to come back to your store.

4. Provide Seating for Customers

A great addition to the store that you should consider during the retail refurbishment is seating for the customers. Giving them a place where they can rest their weary feet gives them time to look around and find the products they need. The seating will ensure that shopper take time to discover products they did not know they needed.

5. Do Not Overlook the Security

You have invested a lot of money into your retail business and it is important to protect that investment. Get a professional to install a CCTV system at the store. In case an issue arises, the authorities will have an easier time apprehending and prosecuting the culprits. It can also help to identify serial shoplifters thus helping the entire business community.


Starting a retail business is exciting but if you want to succeed, you have to do it right. These few tips should prove quite useful in getting things right. If you need expert assistance on how to get the retail fit-out right, consider talking to the experts at Unita.



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