Why are Keywords still relevant in 2019?


Talk about SEO and ‘keywords’ is something that everyone would speak of..

Since the beginning of the world (okay, SEO world), keywords have played important roles in both off page and on page SEO. It’s just been lately that arguments about their relevance have started to crop up.

So, what’s the deal? Do they matter? Or do they not? And if they do, how do they? And how much?

Well, if any or all of those questions have brought you here, rest assured, we got your back.

Why keywords matter in 2019? And do they even?

Well, I don’t know how the case study went, but the quote gave us something precious.

Keyword stuffing. While it might come off as appealing to some (I don’t know how that’s happening), turns out, it’s a big turn off for both users and search engines.

While there used to be times when it could skyrocket both traffic and revenue, now it sucks big time. Reason? Search engines are smarter now. They aim at delivering qualified search results to their users.

And our best bet with that? Play along. Deliver qualified content to be a part of those qualified search results. Something, that can never be achieved with keyword stuffing.

Okay, so enough about stuffing. How else do keywords affect SEO and marketing overall now?

1. Still important for search rankings

Just because keyword stuffing is prohibidado doesn’t mean keywords are out of fashion. They still affect your website’s SEO.

The thing is that they tell the search engines about the contents of a web page.

Also, can you imagine creating a piece of content without using any keywords at all? Well, that’s almost impossible.

You create content about a topic and you add keywords even when you are just talking about it. This also means that you need to be careful and not stuff.

Use of the right keywords in web content makes crawling easy for search engines. This directly affects your website’s rankings.

2. Keywords are clues

Every keyword that you ever came across was, is and will always be a clue.

While every marketer keeps boasting about the importance of understanding your audience and their needs, keyword research actually gets you there.

While keywords like ‘Nokia 6.1 Plus Reviews’ and ‘Nokia 6.1 Plus specifications’ might show some similar search results, turns out they are different from each other.

Somebody using the term ‘reviews’ might be near the end of the sales funnel, while the user looking for specifications might just have started the journey as a potential buyer.

Both these keywords tell about two audience segments that you might want to entertain.

3. Fuel to PPC campaigns

Another brick in the wall. Keywords affect PPC campaigns.

Just as you’d consider keywords while writing a piece of content, you’d have to pick the right keywords even when you are planning a PPC campaign.

As mentioned in the sections above, keywords are important both for readers and search engines. The third arena here is of paid advertising.

You’d target your campaign depending on the buyer intent and keywords referring to the same.

And if you are facing problems with that, SEO Consultants Sydney will ease it for you. The point is, you should ensure the right use of keywords.

Final words

While the right usage and usability of keywords might give rise to a few arguments, the bottom line stays as it was. Keywords continue to be important.

While keywords alone can’t lift up a piece of content, a good piece of content too can’t perform without keywords. Be it for SEO or for PPC, without keywords you can’t excel. .

With this article, I tried to discuss why keywords are still relevant in 2019.

Hopefully, this post helped you.

Still think, it’s arguable? Get your friends and find out what they think? We’d love to hear the conclusion.

Why are Keywords still relevant in 2019?  


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