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Having a fresh clean kitchen gives you an almost un-paralleled feeling of joy. Unfortunately, kitchens, being what they are, become very dirty very quickly. You can try all you like to keep it pristine but eventually you’ll have to cook that big Sunday roast. Bits of carrot strewn across the counter top, leftover meat sprayed across the side of the cupboard and, worst of all, gravy and juices splashed all over your kitchen sinks and taps. Oh, the horror!

This is where we come in. You’re on your own for the rest of the kitchen but read the following tips and tricks to fix up your sinks and taps. You’ll have them sparkling and shining like you’ve never seen them before. Cleaning kitchen sinks and taps can be quite difficult due to their awkward shape, finish and purely due to the amount of dirty gunk and grime they are subjected to. Using the right stuff, with a bit of added know-how, will make the process nice and easy for you, becoming less of chore. So, if your kitchen sinks and taps are looking a little worse for wear, read the following tips, and learn how to clean them like they’ve never been cleaned before.

Know What Finish Your Sinks and Taps Are

A great place to start before you start is checking with the manufacturer. Either look online, give them a call or dig out the instructions and find out your kitchen sinks and taps finish. The most common type is chrome, but these days you can get a huge variety of finishes. Things like gun metal, stainless steel and terracotta just to name a few. These other types of kitchen sinks and taps may need special care. As a rule of thumb, it is best to avoid anything abrasive.

Start with Soap and Sponge

Start things off nice and simple. Grab your general-purpose cleaning sponge, soak it in warm water, lather it up with some dish soap and rub your kitchen sinks and taps down. Follow this up with a dry cloth to dry and polish it off. If your kitchen sinks and taps need a bit more work than the simple soap and sponge hold fire on the dry cloth as we bust out the heavy-duty supplies.

Use White Vinegar for the Tough Grime

If the dirt and grime require a tougher approach then it’s time to head to the pantry. You’ll be looking for some white vinegar. Adding this is a cup of hot water creates a near unbeatable cleaning solution for your kitchen sinks and taps. Grab a cleaning cloth, add some of your vinegar/water solution and scrub away. This should remove even the toughest grime from your sinks and taps.

One thing to note is, due to the cleaning capabilities of this solution, you may want to test a little on small section first. You don’t want to damage your lovely kitchen sinks and taps.

Got Stains? Baking Soda and a Toothbrush

Now you’ve scrubbed off all that dirt and grime with soap and vinegar, you may notice some remaining stains on your kitchen sinks and taps. The best solution for this is to whip out your toothbrush, make sure you have a spare as you won’t want to use this one again, and some baking soda. Next, put a small amount of baking soda on the toothbrush, add a small drop of water and scrub the stain. This concoction should remove even the most stubborn stains from your kitchen sinks and taps.

If you followed these tips and tricks then your kitchen sinks and taps should be positively sparkling. You’ll never have to worry about making those messy dinner again. If none of these tips worked for you, then perhaps it is your kitchen that’s the problem. The only trick to fix that, is getting a new one. Head over to and see what they offer.



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