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If you are in the vaping scene you may have wondered how some vapers get their clouds so big. There are a group of people who go by the collective of cloud chasers which essentially means that they build and modify their vape set ups to create those massive plumes that you see on the street, however, not everywhere you can vape. Many people also refer to the act as extreme vaping or stunt vaping.

The cloud chasing fad stemmed from the original vaping trend where people would start to figure out all the cool things that they can do with their clouds. It now has a massive cult following with many social media accounts dedicated to the craze. To help you fully understand cloud chasing we have put together a short little guide.

Where it came from

According to E-cigarette Club an e-cigarette shop – there are mixed reports of the origin of cloud chasing but many people claim that it originated off the west coast of America. A lot of people who are new to the vaping scene use cloud chasing as their entry point to help them become more acquainted. Not all vapers are fans of the cloud craze though. There is a distinctive split amongst the community of those who believe it is a legitimate representation of the culture and those who believe it gives the rest of them a bad name.

It is now a sport

What started off as a recreational hobby has turned into a competitive scene. Across the globe there are many competitions where vapers can show off their skills and produce the thickest clouds. These competitions also offer the winners thousands of dollars in cash to further promote the activity as a sport. This scene can be thought of as a subculture within a subculture that is starting to gain a lot of traction thanks to social media.

How you can get started

There are 9 main factors that you should take into consideration before you start trying to blow the biggest clouds.


E-liquids or e-juice can in two main categories, those with PG and the other with VG. VG produces more vapour which makes it a dominant product. Additionally cloud chasers don’t usually use nicotine in their vapours as it can leave you short of breath quicker than an e-juice without it.


Batteries and their safety are of the highest concern. Be sure to use trusted and safe products and don’t be afraid to ask other vapers or even the people who you are buying the products from.


Sub-ohm tanks are starting to become the preferred choice when it comes to cloud chasing. However as the products aren’t perfect yet, many people still tend to go with a RDA model with airflow control.


The key to the best clouds is the right combination of airflow and resistance. Less resistance means more airflow but if it gets to thin you vapour will disperse and won’t produce as much.


Using the right material for your wicking it vital when letting air and your e-juice flow to the coils in an efficient manner.

Coil Build

There are many different coil builds that affect how your vapour is produced. Generally speaking people tend to go for a low resistance build to maximise the amount of vapour produced.


Modifications are a big part of the competitive scene. Mech mods are common as they offer a lot of power to your device.


Techniques and practice play a big part in all tricks. You need to perfect every aspect including inhaling and exhaling techniques as well as having the right body posture.

Lung capacity

At the end of the day some people are just born with a higher lung capacity than others. This plays a big part in how much you can inhale and exhale.



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