Simple Steps to Starting Your Small Farm Business in Australia


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If you’ve already got land and are looking to start a farm – whether it’s for practical reasons, such as using your own organic farm to provide food for you and your family, or just because you’re looking for something to do with your time and your land – getting started is a fun and approachable process! Farming in Australia does require some planning and foresight, but setting up your own farm is a highly rewarding process that can be as enjoyable as it is useful.

The Basics

First, before anything else, make sure that you know what you’re getting into! Farming is a large commitment of time and energy. Plan out the steps you’ll need to take to get your farm up and running – shop around farm machinery sales for equipment to make your life easier, such as small tractors for both organic farms and standard farms. You can also opt to use proper diesel engines and generators from Kubota to improve fuel efficiency on your farm. Accord fertilizer spreaders are really handy tools to help make sure you’re using your time and energy efficiently – don’t create more work for yourself than you have to.

Getting Up and Running

Look carefully at your land to decide what you’ll be able to grow and maintain. You might need to be looking at a customised trailer for your farm site. Farming in Australia presents several unique challenges, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help or advice along the way. Move at a slow and steady pace while you determine the needs of your particular farm’s crops; an easy way to burn out both physically and financially is to move too quickly and take on more than you’re ready for.

Maintaining Your Farm

Remember that you’ll be putting a good amount of money into your farm for a year or two before you start becoming comfortable with the process and that it can take even longer to turn a profit if that ends up being your goal.

No matter what the length of time, make sure you’re maintaining your finances – keeping a budget (and keeping it up to date!). It is one of the most useful ways to make sure you’re sticking to a sustainable pattern of work.

Maintaining your farm equipment regularly to extend their life-cycle. Some parts such as auto-glass might need to be replaced more often than other parts. Be diligent in the physical work you do and the records you keep; this will ensure that you minimize risks among the factors you control, leaving you to work with factors you can’t control, such as weather and wildlife.

Planning and Thought: A Winning Combination

Make sure you’re putting careful thought into the start and development of your farm and you’ll find the process both challenging and rewarding! Modern technology has made the ancient systems of farming much more manageable and maintainable, and you’re in an excellent position to take advantage of the benefits these technologies offer.

Make sure you plan and move slowly when you get your farm up and running and you’ll be able to look out over your work in relatively little time, full of the pride that only an endeavour like farming can give.

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