Outdoor Living & Furniture Trends 2016


It goes without saying that Australians love spending time outdoors. As a result, outdoor living areas are now considered a crucial extension of the home, as more Aussies utilise the great weather all year round for entertaining close friends and family. Here we’ll discuss best practices to maintain the integrity of your home while creating that perfect outdoor area for you and your guests.

Seamless Flow

Although not a completely new idea, blending your indoor area with the outdoors is definitely gaining in popularity amongst Aussie homeowners. The idea is to create that seamless transition by choosing the right outdoor furniture, accessories and landscape to compliment the interior design and overall theme of your home. It’s important to try an enhance the connection between the two by fusing the natural beauty of the outdoor garden with the theme and comfort of your indoors.


Furniture Materials

As more Aussies opt for entertaining outside, modern outdoor furniture manufacturers are doing their best to develop new designs that meet our needs; both practically and aesthetically. It’s therefore no surprise that mixed material designs are growing in popularity as they enable a unique contrast, promoting a smoother dynamic blend, and therefore ensuring a smoother transition between your indoor and outdoor living area. Popular combinations include; resin and wood, iron and wood, or teak and stainless steel.

Tip: Materials like stone, wood and wicker – which give off a more natural vibe – go particularly well with vintage and eco inspired designs.

The mixed material approach truly offers greater flexibility, allowing people the freedom to experiment a little and roam from typical and exact matching styles, providing a diverse range of stylish alternatives for a seamless integration. As a result, this trend is firmly making its stance amongst Aussie homeowners around the nation.



Adding plants and other accessories is a simple way to make your outdoors feel homely and add that extra dimension of natural beauty, to further blur those lines between your indoor and outdoor space. By adding some visually appealing pots, a wall feature or even some artwork can have a dramatic impact on the overall feel of your space. With regards to outdoor furniture, adding a few colourful weather-resistant cushions here and there can cost-effectively breathe new life into existing furniture, meaning you don’t have to spend a fortune for noticeable impact.


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