Making a Difference – The Benefits of Working in Aged Care


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With Australia’s growing elderly population, the need for people working in aged care jobs is more vital than ever. Working in aged care is a way to provide the elderly with not just physical and personal support, but also emotional support for those who are vulnerable in their golden years. There are a wide variety of aged care jobs available, and regardless of what you choose, there are multiple benefits of working in aged care. In this article, we will run through why working in aged care is beneficial to not just the elderly but also yourself.

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  1. Multiple Opportunities At Your Disposal

Aged care is one of the fastest growing industries, and there is a shortage of workers to fill up the spots. This creates a huge demand for professionals in the field, providing multiple job opportunities all around the country. Some of the various fields of aged care you can enter into include palliative care, personal care, dementia care, respite and end of life companionship. Having a Certificate IV in aged care will qualify you for dozens of jobs, some of which come with government subsidies.

    2.    Improve Lives For The Better

Individuals looking to work in aged care are empathetic and have a strong desire to improve lives for the better. For many elderly people, the need for assisted living can be quite difficult to accept, sometimes leading to issues with mental health. A high number of these individuals fall into depression, which can often be avoided when the right care is provided.

A job in aged care puts you in a position to provide mental, emotional and physical support for those who truly need it. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives and improve their well-being, working in aged care may be the perfect fit for you.

   3.    Develop Rich and Fulfilling Relationships

As an aged care worker, you will work in close capacity with individuals who may be twice your age – imagine all the amazing stories they may be able to share with you! They may impart their advice, knowledge and wisdom to you; helping you develop a meaningful and reciprocative relationship with them.

Assisting your patients in the decision making process, and getting to know them, their needs and their desires on a deeper level, will assist you in making the right choices for their individual circumstances. Working in aged care truly offers a rounded and fulfilling experience to all involved.

4.    Improve Your Communication Skills

Anyone who has had experience with elderly relatives or grandparents will know that effective communication can sometimes be difficult. Communicating with the elderly requires patience and understanding. Finding ways to converse with your clients will build upon not only your communication skills, but will develop your own patience and tolerance.

   5.    It Is Professionally Rewarding

Aside from being a personally rewarding career, Aged care is both a personally and professionally rewarding career. You can make an average yearly income of $65,000 in Victoria, one of the top three regions for aged care in the entire nation. Aged care is also a career in which there is quite a bit of flexibility offered, ensuring you aren’t spending too much time at work, away from your family, friends and loved ones. Aside from flexibility, there is no age barrier when it comes to aged care, and shift work means you can fit your career into your life without having to sacrifice your social life as well.


We hope that this article has given you some insight into the number of benefits that come with working in aged care.



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