Drone Insurance Guide: Is It Really Worth the Money?


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Drone insurance is a relatively new concept and there is not much awareness about drone insurances among people. There are a lot of questions regarding insurances of drone and whether it’s worth the investment. To ease your confusion we have created this guide to help you with some of the most common questions related to drone insurance. So, let’s take a look.

Do I need drone insurance?

The first and foremost question which comes to most people is do I really need to insurance for my drone? Well! The right answer to this question is yes if you’re involved with businesses using drones. It is highly advisable to have insurance for your drone while conducting any kind of business. So if you’re planning any kind of commercial drone operation then drone insurance is absolutely necessary.

Getting drone insurance will significantly reduce the potential risk while purchasing drones. Since drones aren’t really cheap products, getting insurance can save a lot of money in case of a crash, malfunction, fly away scenario. Also, you will need to research local, state and federal regulations about insurances before you get your commercial operation off the ground.

Potential risks in commercial drone operations

Setting up commercial drone operations at your workplace comes with a lot of obstacles and potential risks. You must always follow federal regulations and safety precautions to avoid any chance of an accident and insurance is a crucial part of this process to conduct business in a safe and risk-free environment.

Types of drone Insurances:

There are primarily two types of insurances available for drone users:

1. Hull Insurance:

This type of drone insurance comes into the picture when you’re operating with expensive cameras, GPS units, sensors etc.. Hull insurance only covers the damage to the drones itself.

2. Liability Insurance:

Liability insurance comes into the picture when the damage is caused to a third party by your drone which includes property damage, injury to the body etc.. So, before conducting any drone outside services make sure you have valid liability insurance and show proof of liability insurance before conducting any drone operations.

Cost of Drone Insurances:

There are a lot of factors which come into the picture which affect the cost of drone insurances like:

l Total number of drones

l Type of drones

l Type of cameras and sensors

l Experience in operating drones

l Safety measures

l Maintenance records

Insurance policies can range from $1000 to 10000$ per year (for each drone) given you have a good track record and follow all documented safety procedures.

How to get insured:

For drone insurance, you will need to get quotes from multiple companies by filling forms. After getting quotes you will need to compare prices and coverage to find the deal that best suits your business.


There are a lot of players in the evolving drone markets worldwide. Big giants like DJI drone Australia offer some of the best drones available in the market. Always research thoroughly before making such a huge investment.

As far as drone insurances go, we’ve covered all the aspects which u will need to look into to keep your investment safe and avoid any unnecessary trouble for your company. We hope this guide helps you with everything you need to understand about drone insurance. Protect yourself and your company by getting insured.

One last piece of advice for recreational users is to confirm if you are covered by homeowner’s insurance if you wish to continue to fly recreationally in a safe environment with no issues whatsoever.



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