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It is recommended that people brush their teeth twice a day; however, flossing, a big part of making sure the teeth and mouth stay healthy, is often overlooked. Flossing is important because it can get in between teeth to clean up tartar build up and remove plaque, something brushing cannot do.

People with braces or Invisalign have a harder time flossing because of the wires, and that is why it is especially important for them to brush their teeth and clean heir braces regularly. A trip to the dentist at least twice a year helps make sure that people are taking care of their teeth so that they don’t develop any health problems from lack of flossing.

Protecting Your Teeth

When we eat, food can get stuck in and in between our teeth, and that is why flossing is recommended. The food that is left behind can develop into plaque, which can cause bad breath and cavities. Plaque left on the teeth for a long time can turn into tartar, which is hard to remove. Bacteria build up can also cause bad breath, also known as halitosis, and it sits in areas where the toothbrush cannot reach, mostly in between teeth.

People who have braces or Invisalign have a harder time cleaning their teeth, but it is crucial that their teeth are brushed and flossed often to prevent cavities and help the teeth straightening process to be as successful as possible.

Taking Care of Your Overall Health

When flossing is ignored, gum disease, tooth decay and other health issues can occur. Plaque leads to tartar, and tartar can cause gingivitis, which is inflammation in the gums. The gums will turn red and swell up, and this can even cause tooth decay or tooth loss if left untreated. If a tooth is damaged or lost from bad oral hygiene, then it will cost money to fix or replace.

So, instead of waiting for teeth to go bad, it is best to floss regularly to prevent gum disease and any other health risks because bad oral hygiene can actually lead to health problems in the body, like heart disease and diabetes. This is because bacteria left in the mouth, from lack of brushing or flossing, can travel to other areas of the body, therefore, causing serious health problems.

The Importance of Flossing

Brushing and using mouthwash are not enough. These methods are highly recommended for clean teeth, but it is hard to reach places that need attention as well. It is that little piece of string that can prevent food from rotting in teeth, which can cause plaque, tartar, bad breath and diseases in the mouth and the body.

Floss is very cheap, so it does not cost much to prevent serious mouth and health problems. The process is not painful and does not take very long, so there is no excuse to ignore flossing. Many people regret not visiting the dentist regularly or taking better care of their teeth after they have developed health problems in their mouth, which is why flossing is necessary for a healthy mouth and body.

Tips to Improve Your Dental Health

Our teeth are an indicator of our overall health. Gum disease that is caused by less than stellar dental hygiene habits can cause everything from weakened teeth to heart disease.

We all know that visiting the dentist is important, but there are many other things you can do to improve your dental health. Follow these simple tips to keep your teeth and gums in top condition.

Choose the Right Toothbrush

When you are purchasing a toothbrush, the most important thing to remember is to get one with soft bristles. Medium or hard toothbrushes can harm gums and wear down the enamel of your teeth. Weakened enamel can cause cavities and sensitivity.

Make Sure to Brush Correctly

When it comes to brushing your teeth, you can have too much of a good thing. Doing so more than three times per day can wear down enamel and cause your gums to bleed. You should also avoid brushing too vigorously.

Keep brushing to two times per day. Once in the morning and once at night for two minutes at a time is really all your teeth need. Make sure to give each individual tooth attention when brushing. Work in small circles focusing on the tops and both sides.

Eat the Right Foods

Maintaining a healthy diet is important for all aspects of health, but certain foods can be especially beneficial to your teeth. Foods like celery and apples can clean between your teeth. Carrots, cauliflower and broccoli scrub the surface of the teeth and help keep them clean between brushing. Try out a Home Remedy Rinsing daily with a mixture of equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide can keep your teeth looking white without the use of harsh whitening products.

See Your Dentist Regularly

Nothing beats attention from a professional. In addition to a great dental hygiene routine, make sure to visit your dentist at least once every six months. Regular dental checkups are important because a professional can detect any major dental issues you may have before they become costly problems. Cleanings also ensure that your teeth stay healthy by having any harden buildup removed.

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