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Contemporary Comforts – Key Inclusions to Modernising Your Home


It’s easy to give your home an overhaul without breaking the bank and getting the builders in, and with the turn of the New Year there’s no better time than now to modernise your home. As such, follow these handy tips to taking a step towards a more modern home with a completely updated feel.

Window Coverings

If you get this wrong it can send your room back decades and with such a wide range of modern options available you can’t go wrong when it comes window coverings. Plantation shutters have made a big comeback as they give your room an open and airy feel whilst sheltering the room from the sun and keeping it nice and cool. There’s also an option to pick roman shades and wooden blinds that will give the same desired effect. As long as you stay away from the old heavy curtains and dark patterned fabrics you can’t go wrong.


Carefully considered lighting can bring any room to life. You can convert dark and cramped rooms into open and airy spaces that are welcoming and desirable simply by purchasing some new lighting. Whether it’s a few strategically placed floor lamps to brighten a corner of the room or a some lamps on the side to create that cozy feel it’s a great way to easily change the vibe of any room and create that modern look. You could even take it one step further and replace the ceiling fixtures, there’s a huge range of modern masterpieces on the market for you to choose from that create a new interesting focal point for the room.

Outdoor Rooms

Who said rooms have to be inside? People often have outdoor space that can easily be transformed into an extra “room” even if it’s not a large space. You can add some outdoor furniture with some cushions for extra comfort along with some fairy lights to add that cozy feel. If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous why not add a pergola for a bit of privacy. That way you can sit back and relax with a glass of wine and the bbq on without a care in the world.


Nothing instantly modernises your room more than a fresh coat of paint. Whether you repaint with the same colour to sharpen up your room or choose to be daring with a new bolder colour you’re sure to overhaul the look of your room and create that modern feel. When painting it’s vital to prep- you don’t want unsightly drips and smudges that will make you regret ever deciding to repaint in the first place. If you’re unsure about whether the colour will match the rest of your soft furnishings always do a test patch first, let it dry and then check you’re happy with it before painting the rest of the walls.

Update your Bathroom

I’m sure everybody will agree that bathrooms get dingy and outdated very quickly. But even if a whole new bathroom suite is not an option there are ways you can modernise your bathroom at a fraction of the price. Changing Faucets and door knobs instantly give you an updated look. Changing from a scratched old gold tap fittings to new shiny chrome ones will have a huge impact. You could also change the shower curtain and scrub the grout in between the tiles- an easy and affordable way to instantly modernise your bathroom.


All in all, making small changes to your home can have dramatic improvements to the look and feel of your interior. By following these handy tips and dedicating a few weekends to a good cause you can overhaul your home and give it a fresh modern look without breaking the bank.

Contemporary Comforts – Key Inclusions to Modernising Your Home  


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