4 Awesome Activities To Overcome The Boredom At Work


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A good bit of your workday is spent finding things to do. No, don’t jump to your own defence here – everyone knows it’s true, and it’s fine! The standard workday is a product of the industrial era, and work hours never changed the order to meet the rising efficiency from automated systems. Unfortunately, that means human workers have to sit around and find a way to look productive during their downtime. Even worse, most workplaces tend to frown on you when you catch up on your shows on your favourite streaming service or engage in a long-distance chat with distant relatives. You’re going to look for things to do when you’re bored, then, you’ll need to be discrete.

Boredom at work can also be a side effect of stress. The modern workplace is one that is full of stressors, and those who find themselves with too little to do might be wondering what that means for their future. Working people are seeking out for mental health support nowadays. If you want more out of your career, you’ve got to learn how to deal with the stress your job brings you. For many, that means taking the time to figure out activities that let you do the most with your downtime. Some of these activities may be fully productive, while others might exist just to allow you to relax. No matter the case, you deserve to find ways to relieve stress at work without getting in trouble.

Create New Procedures

The best way to kill time at work and reduce your stress is to create better methods of time management. Most boredom at work doesn’t just come from sitting around – it comes from poor time management. Take some time to create a realistic to-do list for yourself at work, giving yourself a reasonable amount of time for each task. You can update this list as you rotate through different activities and bring down your work time on each item. Not only will this help to cure boredom, but providing yourself with structure is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Clean Your Space

If you’ve ever worked a retail job, you’ve heard the old adage about how those with time to lean have time to clean. While you might not be working retail any longer, this is actually a valuable piece of advice. A clean workspace is a safer workspace and one that is more efficient. Reducing your clutter can also help you to reduce your stress, providing you with a better base from which to improve yourself. Even if you only clean out of boredom, you’ll probably still get bonus points from the boss for having an organized space.

Solve The Puzzle

Have you ever heard of wooden puzzles? Do you know the popular snake cube puzzle? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably seen it. It’s a simple wooden puzzle made of conjoined blocks, which can be assembled into the shape of a cube. Figuring out the puzzle is devilishly difficult, but it’s a great way to kill time at the office. If you can’t figure out how to solve the snake cube puzzle quickly, it’s fine – you can always claim that the exercise is meant to help you brainstorm new ideas and improve your problem-solving skills. This is one office activity that makes you look smarter even if you’re doing it to kill a few minutes at the end of your shift.

Seek Out New Goals

If you remember high school, you might remember that certain kids would get unruly during the day. Some of the kids acted out not because they didn’t respect the class, but because they were simply not challenged enough. If you find yourself bored at work, you might need to take on existing challenges. If you are stressed out by the lack of forwarding momentum at your job, go to your boss and ask for more responsibilities. Whether you are leading a new team or simply taking charge of the break room, having new goals can re-energize you and provide you with a path forward.

There will always be times when you get bored at work, and there will always be times when you get stressed out. The only way to fight these issues is to provide yourself with alternatives to stewing over your own lack of productivity. Whether you play a brain-building game, seek out more work or just take charge of your own schedule, you have the choice to make your own day better. Don’t give into boredom – use your extra time to make progress in your job.

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