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Things To Do At 7 Capital Cities In Australia


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There’s a reason why Australia is at the top of the list for most vacationers around the world. Its bustling beaches, lush jungles and luscious rainforests packed to the brim with every kind of exotic greenery you can come up with.

Without doubt, Australia is where you should be spending some quality time with your spouse or better half. We advise the reader to spend their hard-earned frequent flyer points and catch a free ride, or better yet spend free time in luxurious hotels in Australia. To get started, this is the best place for you to redeem your virgin points.

Australia is behemoth of a continent; therefore, we prepared a list of capital cities that you should be visiting and places of interest that you should definitely be keeping on the top of your to-do list.

1. Adelaide
While the city itself is laced with world class art rooms, hidden bars and restaurants, what you should be watching out for is the Kangaroo Island, Australia’s most popular destination to explore wildlife, witness the fur seals, echidnas and beautiful koalas in their natural habitats. You can get to the island by hitching a ferry ride.

2. Canberra
If you’re a food enthusiast, then Canberra must definitely be given a mandatory visit, dine in at popular restaurants such as Aubergine, Capitol Barr and Monster Kitchen and Bar. Or simply marvel at the miniature trees – also known as bonsai – in the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection. Visit the iconic Nishi Gallery located inside Nishi Building where artists from all walks of life showcase their creativity.

3. Darwin
Located in Darwin’s busiest business district is the Mindal Beach which attracts thousands of tourists year round – it is a common sight to spot visitors eating at one of the dozens of food stalls located in Mindal Market while watching the Sun setting down casting an orange hue onto the sparkling sea.

4. Brisbane
The most populous city of Australia is also home to one of the most important landmarks of the country. For example, the City Botanic Gardens—which houses the Bamboo Grove – is home to a collection of some 23 bamboo species, where innumerable bamboo sprouts tower over the entire landscape, and the sun illuminates a magnificent aura to the bamboo peaks, lending a luscious contrast between green and orange.

5. Melbourne
The best place by far to spot penguins in their natural habitat is Phillip Island; located south-east of Melbourne. It is packed to the brim with pristine beaches where you can set up camp and watch exotic animals unperturbed by visitors gawking at them. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Cape Woolamai to catch a glimpse of numerous pink granite forms in Westernport Bay.


6. Sydney

While Sydney is home to hundreds of attractive tourist locations, we can’t help but point you towards the most photographed swimming pool in the world at the Bondi Icebergs club. You can also become a member of the oldest winter swimming pool in Australia, something that you can brag about to your friends.


7. Hobart

No trip to Australia is complete without paying a visit Mount Wellington, the place is also easier to reach by vehicle, there’s a range of activities to partake in, from mountain bike riding to sightseeing from a plethora of vantage points scattered around the mountain.



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