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Things to consider when you are a first home buyer


Being a first home buyer in Australia you are going to navigate your way along several streets, societies, and complexes in search for your ideal home. With investor market already rolling over high sentiments, it becomes even more difficult to lay your hands on your dream place. You might be having your pre-approvals, and budget ready, but still you are yet to arrive at the final conclusion. Hundreds of needs to answer, issues like location, new or established, amenities on offer, the number of your needs addressed, future concerns all make the task even more daunting, but our few simple tips can make the process much simpler one.

Location: – Before purchasing any Australian property you must understand the value of that property. Purchasing property in cities might be expensive, but remember bricks and mortar are not all you want. Before purchasing any Australian property you must consider the returns you will get upon your investment and for obtaining better return location is a vital component.

After cost and return, next extremely important thing to be concerned is proximity to the things that matter most in your life. You would like to purchase a property near to your workplace, friends, family, school, and shopping complexes. Another prime component to consider is transportation costs, living a long way from your job or from your frequently go-to-places will add up to your monthly mortgage instalment. This can adversely impact your household budget. Additionally, reanalysis your lifestyle coz if you are a coffee freak, there is no point living far off the cities.

Amenities: – With society becoming so advanced, luxuries play an extremely important part while unconsciously molding our choices. For those who work, easily available and frequent transportation would be essential. Supermarket, cafes, and restaurants would subtly direct the choices of young couples. Health is another vital factor, nearby medical assistance would modulate the choices of parents with young children. With children, proximity to school with an excellent reputation is very important as you will take this route almost 300 days a year.

Changing needs: – Young couples while purchasing their first home should ensure that their home as proper expansion space. If you are planning kids, it becomes extremely important to ensure that your home has sufficient space for them to play and grow. Additionally, if you plan to stay longer ensure that your fortress has space for an additional car parking. While it would be impossible to predict each and every need, couples must plan up to a minimum of 5 years.

Planning will prevent from surprised shock and will help your mansion sustain your changing needs.

New dwelling or Established: – If you are purchasing your first home just as an investment and don’t have plans of moving in for a while you should go for a new dwelling. Purchasing a new dwelling will allow you to renovate the ambience according to your taste but will cost bills simultaneously. Established home will be a better option for couples planning to make their home as their permanent address. Established home will be near to markets, will save you time and hard work required in renovating the property. You may go straight down and start enjoying your place.

Things to consider when you are a first home buyer  



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