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The Low-Down On Finding Work In Australia For Mechanical Engineering Graduates


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An extremely diverse field, mechanical engineering includes the design, management, construction, maintenance, organisation and operation of mechanical equipment and machinery. In the past five years, the demand for mechanical engineers has increased greatly and there has been a considerable growth in employment. The primary job of mechanical engineers is designing and building large-scale mechanical and industrial processing plants and facilities. Additionally, they take on administrative tasks such as ensuring the smooth and efficient running of programs and drawing up budgets. So, how can you find a mechanical engineering job in Australia? Let’s take a look.

Statistics show that mechanical engineers in Australia are able to find a job within four months of graduating. Moreover, the average starting salary of mechanical engineers in Australia is between $55000 and $60,000 per year. The states where mechanical engineering graduates find a job easily include Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. While finding a mechanical engineering job in Australia is not that difficult, you need to follow certain steps to guarantee employment and build a mechanical engineering career.

Contrary to the popular belief, being good at maths and science isn’t sufficient to find a job in mechanical engineering or build a career in it. If you are a recent mechanical engineering graduate then there are certain things you need to do to find a job and advance your career. Here are some tips you can follow to find a mechanical engineering job in Australia and take your career to the next level.

Look for graduate programs

Want to get your career off to a flying start? If yes then look for and try to get into a graduate training program. Offered by a number of companies today, mechanical engineering graduate programs are the perfect way to start your career. The duration of these programs is one to two years and you can apply for them by visiting job boards or attending university career expos. Also, a good resource for graduates is the Engineers Australia website.

Think outside of the box

While you went to university to study mechanical engineering, you should be ready and willing to take on job responsibilities that aren’t your forte. Knowledge of certain software and electronic components is an unstated prerequisite for landing a mechanical engineering job today. For this reason, you should find out about and learn the basics of disciplines related to mechanical engineering.

Stay in touch with your Alma matter

Your Alma matter i.e. the university you attended can help you to increase your networking reach and find a ‘decent-paying’ job. Therefore, keeping in touch with the faculty and staff at your university even after you graduate is important.

Finding a mechanical engineering job in Australia is easy but only if you follow the steps that guarantee employment. By following the aforementioned tips, you’ll be able to find a mechanical engineering job in Australia and take your career to the next level.



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