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Telecommuting – RDP can Save Your Business Money & Increase Productivity




The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported there are over 1 million businesses being run from home. It marks a move towards running your own business and taking control of your own destiny. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) gives you the freedom to work with any PC remotely by just opening a window on any other machine.

remote working for australia with NBN

It can save your business money and enhance productivity. With telecommuting and remote working becoming more popular, RDP is essential.

Control Your Fleet


You don’t need to have access to a computer to control it. An RDP client for Mac, for example, can have nine RDP clients open at the same time to control nine separate machines. It’s just a matter of closing the window to log off the machine.

It’s such an increase in productivity because you can completely remove the problem of physical distance. An employee can switch on their personal computer and access their work computer from home.

Remote Desktop Services (RDS)


RDS is closely related to RDP. Most companies with a significant number of PCs use RDS alongside RDP. RDS removes the hardware costs associated with buying the computers. It replaces them with single servers accessible from one or two central machines.

RDP doesn’t just connect to another computer. It’s more than capable of connecting with a server and accessing the data from there.

It’s also a boost for productivity if your company has multiple network servers. Seamlessly switching between servers saves time and ensures you can access the files you need quickly and simply.

Checking Up


As an employer, you want to make sure your employees are doing everything possible to increase company productivity. RDP gives you access to all other computers in your business. You can monitor what they’re doing in real-time, and even take control of them.

Since you access separate computers through a window on your machine, you can print screenshots of your employee’s activity.

It gives employers more control over their workforce. Administrators can watch their workers for a period of time and inspect processes which could warrant improvements.

Control on the Move


The rise of the smartphone in Australia and around the world has made staying in touch with everyone else easier than ever before. RDP also works with smartphones. All it needs is a local wireless Internet connection to work. With powerful Wi-Fi in most Australian cities, this makes it easy to send commands to your computers wherever you are.

As a decision maker, you might need to send something to a computer in the middle of traffic. For those decisions which just can’t wait, RDP can really save your hide.

Less Space


To have every worker on a computer in the same office costs money. Physical real estate in Australia isn’t cheap. Small businesses can reduce the amount of space they take up with RDP. It makes remote working and ‘hot desking’ a viable option for the first time.

You know you can see what they’re doing and they can keep in contact with you and each other at any time of day.



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