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Streamlined Systems – 5 Ways to Improve Office Efficiency


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It’s getting hard and harder to make a dollar. Living costs are rising, but wages are not keeping pace. What’s more, most business’ profit margins seem to get narrower by the day. Rather than make drastic changes that could impact those around you, it’s time to turn your office into one of efficiency to benefit your bottom line. Here’s how to do it:

Update Your Communication Methods

If you haven’t heard of cloud unified communications, then you’re missing out on dramatic savings that could have a positive impact on your business. Unified communications are an advanced phone, video, email and messaging system that merges all these different communication methods into one.

You can make and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world on your official business number, use instant messaging and group chat, and even utilize voice and video calling. Even more eye-opening is the price tag. Unlike traditional phone systems which are complex to maintain and expensive to upgrade, modern methods such as unified communications are scalable and affordable.

Time Tracking Technology

Did you know that over 30 percent of employees waste at least half an hour of work time every day? That might not seem like a lot, but that equates to around four hours every week, per worker. It can make you wonder whether your team’s roles as are streamlined as they could be.

Time tracking technology can help you to establish how much time a particular task takes. While some staff may see it as a privacy invasion, that’s not its purpose. Once you know how long a job takes to complete, you can find out whether some staff can take on more work, or if others need a helping hand.

Team Project Management Applications

Remember in school when everyone had a job to do on a team project, but something always went wrong? Crucial data fell through the cracks, someone didn’t pull their weight, or people forgot which job was theirs.

The workplace can be a lot like that without appropriate project management applications in place. Time equals money, and if you can save time with streamlined project management applications, why wouldn’t you? Such apps have digital paper trails, task allocation, and instant messaging so that everyone knows where they are.

Integrated Workplace Management Systems

When you’re trying to make your workplace more efficient to boost profitability, the last thing you want to do is spend more money. However, that’s often the answer. If you’re going to spend it anywhere, invest in integrated workplace management systems.

Such software can spell the end of most of your everyday programs, transforming them into one easy-to-manage system. In the long-run, you’ll save time, cut down on expensive fees, and make your workers’ days a little bit easier.

Give Your Workers Freedom

While offering your staff freedom doesn’t sound like efficiency, it can have more of an impact than you think. Give your team the freedom to turn their office space into a place for them, and productivity will follow.

Studies show that 17 percent of those with custom workspaces were more enriched and empowered than workers without anything to call theirs. Even a family photo and a few knick-knacks can make all the difference.

Cutting costs isn’t always about redundancies, downsizing, and cutting back on stationery purchases. It can be as easy as focusing on efficiency and productivity to save time. Time is money; let’s not forget. Find out whether your workers’ roles are at full capacity, and invest in beneficial technology to make their lives easier. The financial rewards will follow.



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