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Selfies goes viral with oscars


Well most certainly this selfie  has pretty much won an oscar in the online world due to going viral and becoming humongous’ly popular , as many people would vouch for.

oscar winning selfie 1


selfie of 2014


the oscar world famous selfie

This wasnt the first  time a celebrity selfie went viral  as  we can  see from this selfie  with Obama ,  British Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt

obama uk prime minister selfie

They are also many other me too amusing selfies


Pope Francis Takes a Selfie (http://parade.condenast.com/)

Have you ever snapped a selfie only to hurriedly delete if before anyone else sees it? It’s OK. We’re all guilty of it.


Justin bieber


Selfies goes viral with oscars  


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