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Projecting the right image: What does your office say about you?


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Your office is the environment that will make or break you for your working productivity. That is regardless of whether your office is meant to be open for the general public, or if it is solely for internal use. The projected image for an office can say a lot. Many of the world’s top organisations have realized this and have put it to good use. Others who have failed to recognize this, struggle to understand how something as simple as an office can hold back their organization. We share some considerations that businesses need to keep in mind with the development of their office.

The office will make a good impression with clients.

If you are required to do client facing at your office, you need to have an office that will impress the clients that you are welcoming in. This is from the location to the doorways, security, staff mannerisms and the interior design aesthetics of the office. In short, the office needs to also sell your credibility to those that you will be selling to. Regardless of your budget size, the office space that you present must offer its unique wow factor. Whether that is from the office in your own home or at the top of a skyscraper in the central business district.

The attention to detail with the office needs to be taken into account. Also, the office theme that is being projected to the client or visitor will reflect the image that they have of you. Does your business win awards? And if so, where are they being displayed? Do you work with any blue chip organisations? And if so, can we see examples in any publications? Does your business have an impressive waiting area? Is the interior décor such as desks and office chairs modern and convey the professional image you’re intending to achieve?

If you have employees, is your office employee friendly?

One of the strongest influential factors with having a good office is the employee friendliness of the office. The more friendly it is to employees, the more productive the employees will be and it will yield more revenue and profits for your business. Below are a few considerations for employees.

The office is easy to commute to and from their home

Employees are with you for the sole purpose of earning an income and trading their time and expertise to do so. If your office is not easy to commute to by public or private transportation, this may see the employees being subject to lateness, tiredness and additional stress.

Windows and airflow

It is an underestimated thing, but people value light and good airflow through area that they are working in. Many people will be working indoors. Create a brighter office space with enhanced natural lighting options such as Skylights and Velux windows, and ensure the work space offers a good airflow.

Good workspaces that enhance their productivity

This is critical to the success of your company. Both you and your employees generally want to do well. And they will if they are given the working area that they can thrive in.

Provide break out spaces for lunch and relaxation

You must be able to offer your employees the flexibility with bringing their home lunches. This means the office should have an area where employees can eat away from their desk and to heat their food with a microwave. Ideally, if you can provide a cafeteria, it would be ideal.

Leverage the systems, software and hardware that will enhance productivity

All businesses need to have a ‘get with the times’ mentality. The better the system that they use across the organisation, the better the organisation can function that will boost productivity and profits for the business. For example, companies should encourage the use of:

· Mobile friendly and smart technology

· The development or integration of in-house or third party applications

· The implementation of cutting edge software

· The investment of cutting edge hardware, such as Apple Mac computers

· The investment in collaboration and telephony software.

Whether we like it or not, the image of the office will reflect onto the business’ image. Whether it is in your daily workflow or if you choose to have visitors come around. Seek inspiration from organisations who have setup their offices in a way that spurs productivity for the business.



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