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Prepaid Credit Cards – A Better Alternative To Credit Cards?


prepaid vs original credit cards in australia

Prepaid credit cards are becoming more popular and as they offer a lot of advantages over traditional credit cards. There is a level of convenience that is hard to beat when using a prepaid credit card. Using these prepaid services allows the card holder to set their own limits. If they want to go out but only spend a certain amount of money they can just put that amount on their card, can’t spend it if it isn’t on the prepaid card.

Credit card – Prepaid  Cr card vs Credit card

A prepaid credit card is refillable, so there is not a need to have to remember a new PIN (personal identification number) every time the card is refilled. For many of these cards adding funds to them is as simple as going to a retail store or reloading them online. These cards can be used everywhere that a Master Card or Visa can be used. There are many people who use these cards to make a purchase online when they do not want to use their personal debit cards due to a worry about security. If you are interested in you can register for a Citibank prepaid card here.

Prepaid credit cards are also a good way to give kids money as gifts. Online shopping isn’t only popular with adults; there are also many kids who with their parent’s supervision are also buying online. Many stores are starting to carry a limited inventory in the store itself but have shipping warehouses that carry a much wider selection of items. Online shopping may offer items and deals that cannot be found in a store, but the most convenient way to shop on line is with some form of credit card.

If the prepaid card information gets taken by an identity thief while shopping online the most they can get is what the card has on it for funding. This is an advantage over a traditional credit card or a debit card from a bank. If either of those where to end up in the hands of an identity thief they could run up very costly charges before the owner even realized that their card had been taken.

The advantages of using a citi prepaid credit card are numerous. These cards allow the holder the ability to run a tight budget, by only putting enough funding on them to cover expenses such as rent, gas or money to go back and forth to work. Being able to load only what funding is needed on these cards means that there will not be any extra spending like there can be when using a card that bills you after it has been used. When using this type of card you are actually paying in advance for things that you will use in the future. Using these types of cards may help the user to see exactly where they are spending money and how they can change their habits if they need to.



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