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The mining industry worldwide, including all the way over in Western Australia and Queensland has increased at such a fast rate that there is a constant demand of workers. For those thinking about what industry to get into, have a look into the mining field. Here are just a few reasons to start a career in mining.

Mining jobs and fifo truck drivers

5 Reasons to Start a Career in Mining

1) Good salary

Money is not everything in a job but many roles in mining allow you to earn a decent salary well above minimum wage. Combined with the relocation package, there are some great benefits to working in mining. The hours can be long but employees are often rewarded with days off in lieu allowing them to spend more time with the family.

2) Travel

If you are one that enjoys travelling, the mining industry is for you. Those working as professionals in the industry move from place to place not just within the country you are based in, but all over the world where there are mining areas. There are many expatriate all inclusive packages, meaning it is very affordable and financially beneficial to move to a different location.

3) Change jobs easily

Mining allows you to develop your career in different fields. You can start off as a graduate and then branch out into different areas of mining. There is always the potential for training the different tools such as driving the big diggers, using the commercial generators and handling other large machinery. There is also management training on offer to those who climb the ladder gain more experience in the field.

4) Secure

At the moment there has been a huge growth in the mining industry. The training you receive will allow you to build up experience in all parts of the field. Having solid experience in the industry, means if there was ever a need to change jobs, then the skills gained can be easily transferred to another job.

5) Build up air miles

This may not normally be that people think of in mining, but if you are in fly in, fly out (FIFO) then you will be using the planes a lot. This will give the opportunity to collect a lot of air miles and then be able to use them when you next go on holidays. Flying in and out can mean that you are away from your home for up to 4 weeks at a time but you will also be able to have a lot of time off where you can then use your air miles for a free holiday.



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