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Large Format Printing – How To Use it For Your Business’ Success


There exists a razor-thin point between success and failure in today’s business environment. You need to get your message out, as the only strategy to get ahead in the crowded market. With dwindling returns from most modes of advertising, many businesses are looking into adopting something new. One of the viable alternatives is to capitalize on large format printing.


Large Format Printing is a marketing medium whose popularity is growing by day. As the name implies, it mainly supports maximum print roll width. There are several Large Format Printing Richmond service providers from whom you can select the best. Here are four ways you can utilize large format printing to successfully market your products and services.

Large Format Banners

One thing you can buy from a large format printing firm is a large format banner. Normally, banners tend to be unattractive owing to their limited use of fonts and graphics. However, these options are significantly expanded with large format printing, thanks to the advanced printing technology used by large format printers.

The technological improvements include more eye-popping colours, higher-resolution graphics and texts, and virtually limitless choices for different graphics and fonts. This can definitely give your business a competitive advantage over those that utilize much more ordinary looking signs and banners.

Building Wraps

Large format printing companies can also print on vinyl material, which can be spread over large objects, including entire buildings. The use of large format printing on building wraps helps to create an outstanding image that is sure to capture the attention of pedestrians and motorists.

With the improved printing technology, you can print almost anything onto a building wrap in complex detail. This is without a doubt, a cutting-edge mode of marketing that only recently was not available.

Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl wraps are not limited to buildings. You can as well place them onto any vehicle. Hummer wraps are also available. You can draw various benefits from using a car with large format printing for advertising. First, a vehicle with eye-popping text and graphics is more likely to stand out on the road. Secondly, you can drive the vehicle to wherever you wish to advertise your business. Signs and other physical advertising mediums certainly cannot match this ability.

Floor Graphics

Most businesses opt to only advertise on signs, on walls, in magazines, and so forth. The space under the feet of pedestrians who see these advertisements has always been ignored. With large format printing, you can create floor graphics that you can place on the ground. These may include a sidewalk, a subway car floor, the floor of a mall, or anywhere else that people walk. These graphics can be colourful and intricate. They will definitely capture the attention of everyone that walks over them.


Large format printing presents you with the luxury of a wider area to work with. It can function as posters, banners, wallpapers and many more. They are perfect for materials with graphic or visual-heavy designs. Moreover, their wide texts and images make huge format prints efficient advertising tools. Large format prints attract customers better than ordinary-sized materials. The broadest width available for this type of prints is 61 inches.

You can find a reputable large format printing Richmond Company that offers top-quality services at competitive prices and can select the ideal type of large format print depending on the nature of your business. To take advantage of the cost savings and efficiency of a professional printing company, consider Fine Print Australia, for your large format printing services.



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