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How Does Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Works?



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A reverse cycle air conditioner is a great system as it both warms and cools your home. This means that not only will you be able to keep yourself cool during those hot Aussie summers, but you’ll also be able to keep yourself warm when winter rolls around.

Having a system that offers both options means only needing to invest in the one product. Whilst it can be a large investment at first, it will save you money down the line, and means you get to avoid purchasing bulky electric heaters or fans.

So how exactly does a reverse cycle air conditioner work? Read on as we break it down, so you can get a better understanding of how it both heats and cools your home.

How it heats your home

The system works by extracting the cool air from outside and bringing it inside. Once is has been brought in, the refrigerant (a cold liquid) is passed through an external coil, where it then absorbs the heat from the air.

The refrigerant, once it has absorbed the heat, is pumped by a compressor, down into a condenser. The process of compressing the refrigerant helps to warm it up to the desired temperature. By use of a fan, the air is pushed into the room, which heats the room up.

Once the process is completed, and the hot air is being pumped into the room, the refrigerant is taken back down through an evaporator where it is cooled back down, before it is pumped back to the condenser to repeat the process.

How it cools your home

The process is completely identical when it comes to cooling your home. The only difference is that cold air is blown into your home, which means the process is simply reversed. So rather than the refrigerant warming up the air, instead it cools it down.

This is great because you don’t need to buy two systems to do both processes for you. The one reverse cycle air conditioner will do both, with no extra hassle to you.

Inverter technology

It is becoming increasingly popular to see inverter technology within reverse system air conditioners. Inverter technology allows the air conditioners to adjust the power to reach the desired room temperature and maintain it. This is in contrast to traditional models that just have an on/off button, and this therefore makes the system far more efficient.

This also helps the air conditioner to be more economical, as it reaches the desired temperature far quicker than conventional methods, and reduces the need to keep turning the air conditioner on and off.



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