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Coworking Cross-Pollination – How to Give Your Business a Buzz with coworking


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Globally, coworking offices have surpassed the 10,000 mark with many businesses finding this office solution very cost-effective. In Australia, the coworking scene has become extremely popular with tech and start-up companies initiating the revolution that has redefined office space. As office rents rise in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and even Canberra, businesses and professionals are taking advantage of this new office format that appears to do more than just provide Australian professionals with a place to work.

One of the most central functions of the coworking space is related to the ability of professionals to effectively network. By virtue of the office’s typical organisation, professionals are almost forced to engage each other in conversation. In fact, by placing an emphasis on networking, professionals lay the groundwork for business growth. Please click on the following link at http://www.servcorp.com.au/en/coworking/ to view how many coworking spaces function.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can leverage networking to your advantage in the coworking space.

Use Proximity To Your Advantage

One way to use networking to your advantage is to take the initiative by starting conversations among your coworking mates. Australians, by nature, are social creatures at work, but the coworking space places you right in the proximity of others who might or might not be in your same industry. Start conversations about your work or any industry topics as a whole. Talk up the kind projects and people you work with in a way that promotes your business in a positive light.

Conversely, listen to the conversations around you. You might be surprised a lot of information is exchanged in even the most minor conversations involving small talk. These light informal conversations build the foundation of more relevant networking opportunities by providing participants with the chance to get to know each other before engaging with each other more formally.

Engaged Community

The coworking craze in Australia started with start-ups needing affordable office space near business districts that were often too pricey. Today, these office arrangements have grown into hubs that are microcosms of the Australian business community. Moreover, these communities offer professionals and businesses alike opportunities to engage the coworking community as a whole.

Savvy professionals can offer to help assist with coworking community events. They can even host their own events where they present some facet of their business to the coworking community. Some might even engage the community by starting an online newsletter or social website dedicated for people to meet online. The point is to use the community to your advantage by becoming an active participant.

Find Collaborators

Use the networking established by connecting with your workmates by participating in the community as an opportunity to collaborate with other businesses within the coworking space. Some of the most successful innovations have come out of the coworking space, and many of these innovations have been founded in the collaboration. Plus, teaming up with others in the coworking community will give you the benefit of learning about other industries as well.

Branch Out

Finally, by networking in the community and developing all of these connections, you can branch out and meet others in the greater business community. These connections can lead you to branch out in other areas in the city and in Australia, in addition to other opportunities. All of this networking, ultimately, will help you in expanding and growing your business.

Using Networking To Your Advantage

The co-working space’s organisation lays the groundwork for much networking. More significantly, the greatest benefit to the modern day co-worker is that the social factor allows people to network while working. Furthermore, in a climate that already is primed for social interaction, Australians might find that doing most of the footwork where networking is concerned is effortless.



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