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Australia’s New Workforce is Driving a Change Amongst Employers


It may be surprising to find out that life expectancy can be dramatically reduced for labourers who are not doing what they love. This could be the reason why things within the labor force are changing, especially amongst younger generations.

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How Career Affects Life Expectancy

There are a lot of things that affect life expectancy, and most of those things are obviously linked, such as the food consumed or the quality of healthcare a person receives, but the career a person has may seem a little ludicrous. The reason a person’s life may be cut short by doing something he or she does not love has to do with the stress linked to such a job. A person who hates going to work yet still goes is bound to build up negative feelings, which will likely manifest into stress.


This stress seems to affect a person’s health, especially when exposed to it for long periods of time. Most people stay in a particular job for years, making it pretty clear how it can affect this labourer’s health in the long run. Stress releases cortisol, a stress hormone that is meant to help the body in “fight or flight” situations but can do harm if the body is overly exposed to it. Too much cortisol in the body can lead to things like elevated blood sugar levels, weakness, or rapid weight gain just to name a few things.

Career Loving is Changing Today’s Workforce

There is no doubt that more people in today’s workforce want to do something they love more than anything else. This is especially true for millennials, which are slowly becoming a major group within the workforce. Older generations seem to care only about the paycheck made from any given career, but it seems that younger generations see the value in doing something meaningful.


It is a drastic change that will likely get some criticism, especially from older generations, but there is no stopping this trend. All one needs to do is pay attention to some of the other values that millennial’s hold close to their hearts like experience over things in order to understand this strange trend. Perhaps, this is the reason many young Australians are turning towards impactful careers rather than pure money-making ones.


Most people might mistakenly believe that careers that serve a human purpose would be relatively scarce, but that is not the case. There are a number of careers that young people are turning to, most of which come with degrees that can be attained online, making them both affordable and accessible. One of the most meaningful careers out there is a nursing career.


It is one that comes quite varied with some nurses working in hospitals while others taking up residence in a person’s home as a home nurse. Some nurses become travelling nurses who end up blending their love for travel and helping people. Another career worth highlighting is that of a social worker. Again, this is a career that can touch people’s lives in priceless ways; for example, some social workers can dedicate their lives to helping children who might have been mistreated. Social workers can also be helpful to adults like women who have been victims of domestic violence just as an example.


Another popular career that many young people looking to contribute to society might look into is police work. Granted, police work can put a person in harm’s way, but Australia’s crime rate is relatively low compared to other developed countries like the United States. This does not mean the people donning the uniform are any less brave, but it surely feels better to know that the profession is not as dangerous as it could be. Earning a degree within this field can be done online, which is surprising, but it does open doors to a workforce that is eager to contribute positively to society.


These are just some of the professions giving young Australians fulfilment. This is likely to drive change within other companies out there if they want to attract employees who want to feel like they are doing more for people, which could create even more effective corporate citizens. Companies that take active steps towards helping society or local communities may attract younger employees and may even retain them longer.



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