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A New Way to Hire Staff for Small Businesses


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If you’re a small business and you’re finding it hard to hire staff, here are some handy tips that can help you save time and money.

With the introduction of a new technology known as On Demand, hiring staff has never been easier. Not only are you able to hire a worker at a click of a button but these workers are also contracted, meaning that you are able to negotiate an hourly price for the work that needs to be done.

With the introduction to being On Demand, companies like Uber and Airbnb are paving the way for this new type of economy. The On Demand economy works in a way that you only use and pay for a service or a good when you need it and for the amount of time you need it. Uber and Airbnb are in the logistics and accommodation industries respectively and are both large multinational companies. However, at the core, both of these companies are formulated to take away the middle man and save on costs wherever possible. 

The On Demand economy has since expanded into other industries including recruitment. Recently, companies like Workfast and Freelancer have launched web and mobile applications that connect employers with workers.

Casual work in Australia has been on the rise over the past decade with a current estimated 3.2 million Australians taking on some form of casual work.

For workplaces, having a team of casual staff can save on costs by being able to scale workforce in accordance with demand. The go both ways and for workers, this means that they are able to be flexible with their role and have a better balance between work and lifestyle.

Some benefits in hiring casual staff for small businesses:

Easy to hire with new technology

With the introduction to new applications hiring reliable and vetted staff has never been easier. New hiring platforms such as Workfast and Freelancer allow you to view profiles of potential employees before you decide to hire them. The profiles are all categorised into specific industries and you can view previous employer ratings and comments before you commit.

Scaling your business with demand

For small businesses, it may be difficult to project when, where and for how long busy periods will last. A cafe or restaurant may need to hire a casual worker due to its unpredictable nature of hospitality with customers. Casual staffing on weekends and sporadically throughout the week may be the only option for these businesses.

Diversity of workers

Having a diverse pool of workers means that workplaces can keep things fresh and relative to industry standards. Many casual workers or temporary workers are students who need the flexibility of balancing study with work. Single parents make up a proportion of these workers as can work a few days a week in between looking after their families.

Hiring staff can be a difficult task for small businesses. However, by arming yourself with knowledge of how workplaces and workers are evolving, you can be better prepared for the future success of your business.



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