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6 Tips for Selecting Folding Arm Awnings for Your Store


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As a store owner, you need to care for your customers all the time. This doesn’t mean offering quality products only but also protecting them from harsh environmental conditions such as sun and rain. Folding arm outdoor awnings are a great way to protect your customers by bringing temperatures down and covering them from rain.

Apart from regulating the temperatures, an awning will also be a great way to market your brand. All you need is to get the one that is customized according to your brand. There are different types of folding arm awnings in Melbourne, and when choosing one for your store, you need to be careful. This article will give you six tips to select folding arm awnings for your store.

1. Comply with the law

The first step before choosing an outdoor canopy is to check the council requirements in your locality. Different states will have different rules, thus checking with authorities in your area is essential. Make sure the design you choose and the message you display on your awning is not against the law. If there is any fee to be paid, ensure you pay before installing the awning.

2. Consider size

The point here is to choose an awning that is proportional to your storefront. This will not only give your shop an excellent look but also save you on the cost. There is no need of getting an oversize awning that will cost you extra dollars and add no value. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to branding.

3. Store design

Awnings have different designs and colours, giving you a wide range to choose from. When you need to get one for your store, picking the one that will match with your store’s design and the colour is very important. By considering design and colour, the two will easily blend and avoid the hustle of repainting your shop. If your store has a protruding roof, don’t forget to consider it.

4. Consider your brand or logo

Store design and colour only are not enough to determine the colour you will choose for your awning. The brand you are trying to display is also a key factor to check on when selecting your awning. The canopy should have the same colour as your brand or logo, and if possible, you can have your brand logo printed on the awning. There are ready-made awnings and custom ones, making it possible for you to get anything you want. Imagine having a green canopy while your brand colour is yellow. It makes no sense!

5. Automatic or manual

Folding arm awnings come in two main types, that is manual and automatic ones. Automated awnings are operated using a remote, and they are easier to retract or wind out. They also have motion sensors which they use to sense excess wind and retract automatically. On the other hand, manual awnings are operated using the crank, and they are more challenging when it comes to withdrawing or winding out. Also, they require more attention as they don’t have motion sensors to sense strong winds.

6. Consider quality

Quality is always essential no matter what you are buying. Melbourne market is flooded with low-quality awnings that are sold at a lower price than the usual one. When shopping doesn’t go for cheaper awnings as they may break down after a few months after installation, costing you more than you would spend if you got good quality. It’s also a good idea to go for customized awnings although they may cost you more.


There are different types of outdoor awnings in the market, and when choosing one, you should be extra careful. Get your awnings from a reputable seller to get good quality that will last.



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