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5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Are Not Dead


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Promotional products have always been a versatile and never impactful marketing tool. But are they fading into oblivion? Do they no longer garner the results they did a decade ago? Although they’re not as popular as they once were, they have not yet stopped bringing in results.

Discussed below are five reasons that highlight why promotional products are not dead.

1. WoM Factor

In the field of marketing, Word of Mouth (WoM) Marketing delivers the best results. The phrase basically refers to how information on a particular product is communicated from individual to individual. No other medium of promotion is as effective as this one. More importantly, an individual that gets a promotional product is extremely likely to communicate it to other customers and it’ll only be a matter of days before the wildfire spreads. So, if a person who doesn’t even use a brand, would want to try it.

2. Online Promotions

This is the age of ecommerce and E-marketing. Therefore, a company that launches promotional products needs to make sure they have an impact on the internet too. Those that have been able to place online advertisements with promotional products have been able to immediately grab attention. Moreover, online reviews given by the people serve as an important factor in making a product popular for ages.

3. Strong Customer Seller Bond

Another important reason why promotional products are not dead is because they are a strong source of maintaining a promising customer-seller relationship. By providing customers, both current and potential, with promotional products that are unasked the brand becomes more liked and remembered by customers. This kind of bonding ensures that customers feel that the company is interested more in making customers than losing them.

4. Creates Brand Awareness

One of the aims of promotional products is to spread as much awareness as one can about a brand among the masses. No one can expect increased sales and business until and unless people are familiar with a brand. Therefore, it is essential to come out with promotional products in order to make people aware of your company and to convince them to purchase your products.

5. Strong Impact of Giveaways

Most brands that offer giveaways to users, either their regular customers or irregular, tend to establish a strong image on the minds of people. Giveaways create a sense of attraction and association with the brand even if people can’t afford to purchase products of that brand. Moreover, in case a company decides to launch a product which can be purchased by all, then people who were initially unable to purchase products of the brand also go to buy that reasonably priced product. This ultimately results in a greater number of sales of the product.

The above five reasons are in every way a win-win situation for sellers. There are several other reasons to deploy the practice too, but the fact of the matter is that promotional products are never going to die.

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