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Boneyard to come to Australia


An aircraft ‘boneyard’ for the storing of decommissioned aircraft is planned to be created near Alice Springs in Australia which will be initially span  a 110 Hectare site.

Want some parking space for your 737 800 ?

A boneyard is a parking place for planes being decommissioned from service, which will be stripped of parts like engines, electronics and wiring to be re-cycled. The America dessert’s Pinal Airpark in Arizona( for civil aircraft), California’s Mojave desert and many other deserts  have for long been used  as  a bone yard for heaps of  American decommissioned planes

Link : Google maps : Boneyard in Pinal park Arizona


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Boneyard in Australia , Alice springs

The bone yard in Alice Springs  Australia will be the first one in the southern hemisphere of a significant scale and will be a big market for the  Asia and the Pacific carriers, because of the proximity to asia.

309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, near Pinal park

Among the factor that were considered when Alice Springs was chosen for the boneyard in Australia is  the dry, arid climate which is perfect for the storage and preservation of aircraft.

The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group in Arizona
dessert is called the “The Boneyard”and it stores  4200 US military aircraft on a 1000 hectare site



Other Bone yards


Tucson Air Museum , south of Davis Monthan AFB In USA

Aviation Warehouse boneyard at El Mirag

Boneyard to come to Australia  


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