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Can you trust your friends ??


In a shocking act of betrayal , the labor party  backstabbed thier own leader Kevin Rudd to  install Julia Gillard as the new prime minister  of Australia.

People shocked over Julia Gillard Takeover

People all over the country were shocked to  see the drama  within the labor party unfolding on tv and hear the bad news today morning  that Our prime minister  has decided to take a back seat for the good of the party.

Was this a necessary step to be taken  and will this  do anything  to prevent for the labor party  dip in polls  , from what the current polls are telling us , it does  not  show any difference in where the polls for labor was already heading , which is downwards.  Will this calculated move by  Julia Gillard and her supporters pay off or will it be the demise of Labor party’s down fall and  the oppositions win only time will tell.

Julia gillard prime minister australia kevin rudd 

Incoming prime minister “ julia Gillard”

People all over the country  are shocked  to see thier elected leader , being  booted out  and back stabbed by his own colleagues . The rumour mill on the internet  also  has suggestions that this was all orchestrated by the big miners  behind the scenes.

This installing of Julia Gillard will definitely be lauded by many of the feminists  and  off course Julia Gillard supporters. How she manages to  stick on to her post  and for how long by this coup only time will tell again.

International Registry of Backstabbers


Here are some reactions by the public on  the Julia Gillard & Kevin Rudd  Prime minister Drama


Jack Marx – News.com.au
For what’s happened today is undemocratic. It is typical of what Labor has been doing, all over the country, for years now (…) That Australians voted Kevin Rudd into office means absolutely nothing to the Labor Party. The Labor Party does not care a fig who you voted for, because it is they who are in power. That’s the thinking.

Julia gillard prime minister australia kevin rudd australian

Outgoing prime minister “kevin Rudd”

The Daily Telegraph’s national political editor Malcolm Farr said the challenge for Labor was to “… somehow draw a line between Rudd and Gillard, and not just a distinction based on style”.
“Fat chance,” he wrote. “If Kevin Rudd has made clunky decisions over the past six months, so has Julia Gillard.

Peter Hartcher – Sydney Morning Herald
Labor has just wasted a prime minister, in every sense. The party did exactly what Julia Gillard had been warning supporters against doing for months – it burned through a perfectly electable prime minister in a single term.

LAILA REDDY of NSW Posted at 1:51 PM Today

Kevin Rudd performed under most difficult times and kept Australians above water. What else could we ask for?Now we all will sink either with Gillard or Tony Abbott.

Paul Colgan – The Punch
It took his political execution for Kevin Rudd to show some authenticity again. His last press conference as Prime Minister was a harrowing affair. By turns there was pride, shame, shock, gratitude, humility, even a touch of the old arrogance, all against the backdrop of the sudden, swift, and merciless betrayal. I’m told some journalists who were present in the Prime Minister’s Courtyard were close to tears.

Pauline of Darwin Posted at 1:49 PM Today

I am very dissapointed that the Labor party went the same way as the Liberals, they need to look at themselves very hard now that have done this, I agree with Debbie from Alice Springs, what did he have to do walk on bloody water, noone complained when he handed out the cash only the ones who didnt get it, I was proud to have voted for him and Australia really needs to pull their heads in. Who will they blame now Julia or Tony great choices

Jia of Sydney Posted at 1:53 PM Today

I am proud of Kevin Rudd as a person and great leader of this great country. I cannot accept an old colleague doing this to him!

Miles of Adelaide Posted at 1:50 PM Today

As bad as Kevin was, I feel he is a much better represntative for our country than Julia ‘Kath & Kim’ Gillard. The simple fact is though, the party and it’s policies are still the same – changing the figure head really has negligible difference!!

Damir Krcelj of Parramatta Posted at 1:56 PM Today

I feel for Keving Rudd. No one deserves to be treated and backstabbed the way he was treated this morning. He just wasn;t up for the job but to have someone like PM Gillard and wayne swan who he knew him since school to backstabb him is not good. With friend like that who need enemies.

Other women prime ministers and leaders

Julia Gillard – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Julia Eileen Gillard (born 29 September 1961) is the 27th Prime Minister of Australia. She is the first female prime minister in Australia’s history.

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